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All About Domestos Thick Bleach

Find Out How Domestos Thick Bleach Cleans Your Toilet Here


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A hand pouring Domestos multipurpose thick bleach inside the toilet bowl
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Domestos kills all known germs dead, but what does this really mean for you and your household? Let’s take a closer look. So:

  • What is Domestos?

  • Why is Domestos Thick Bleach such a brilliant multipurpose cleaning product?

What Is Domestos?

Domestos Thick Bleach is a popular multipurpose household cleaning product. Why? Because it delivers on its promise to get rid of germs in one go… and it is safe to use in your home.

The product is ideal for South African conditions and can be used for up to 12 months from the product’s date. It’s also easy to see the cleaning happen: The ingredients make a foam that removes all dirt and kills harmful germs.

Its formula combines active cleaning ingredients and pure bleach.

What Is Domestos Bleach Used For?

The hot topic on everyone’s mind is, does Domestos thick bleach protect against the coronavirus? Here’s the best news: Domestos is proven to kill the coronavirus in 60 seconds!

So, go ahead and use it safely on door handles, floors, dishcloths and sponges, surfaces and, of course, toilets. Domestos Thick Bleach really lives up to its slogan: Domestos kills all known germs dead!

Why Is Domestos Thick Bleach A Brilliant Multipurpose Cleaning Product?

Here are 6 things about Domestos that makes it so popular:

1. Biodegradable And Safe

Domestos uses active ingredients that are biodegradable. It is safe to use on any surface in your home, including kitchen surfaces.

2. Versatile

Some people think that Domestos is just to clean the toilet. But it is more versatile. It can also be used on other areas of your home, like on the door handles throughout the house. It can also be used indoors and outdoors! It leaves all your surfaces sparkling, clean and hygienic every time.

3. Cleans For Longer

Domestos bleach is a super thick liquid which means it clings to surfaces, especially toilet bowls for a long time. Even after you’ve flushed the toilet once, there is still a coat of bleach on the bowl.

4. Bottle With Curved Head

The bottle has a curved head that allows you to get the bleach directly under the toilet's rim and in other difficult to reach places. There’s more to Domestos toilet cleaner than you thought!

5. Child-proof

The bottle comes with a child-resistant cap. You have to squeeze the pads on the sides of the cap and turn it anti-clockwise remove it. To replace the cap, turn it clockwise until you hear a click.

6. It Smells Great

Domestos Thick Bleach is available in different fragrances. Choose between the regular fragrance-free (blue bottle); the lemon fragrance (yellow bottle); the lavender (purple bottle). The summer version offers a mix of different fragrances (pink bottle).

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