How to clean shower glass

There is no excuse for a murky shower! It doesn't take long to clean a glas shower screen or door – just follow these tips to get your shower sparkling like new.

Updated May 23, 2019

how to clean a shower screen

Wondering how to clean a shower screen? Of course, it is easy to simply close your eyes while you’re showering and just forget about the mess, but what will you do when you have guests over? It doesn’t take long to clean a shower screen, and it only needs a thorough clean once a week – so it’s well worth adding this task to your regular cleaning schedule.

When it comes to cleaning glass or plastic shower doors, it’s always better to use targeted cleaning products (like HANDY ANDY Power Cream Bathroom) rather than homemade solutions, which can be a little too abrasive for some surfaces. Try combining a good squeegee with a specially designed bathroom cleaner for a great shine. 

The Best Way to Clean Shower Doors? Use the Right Products

If you go to any supermarket, you’ll find shelves and shelves of bathroom cleaners, and these are typically great for getting baths, showers, and basins clean. However, are they really the best way to clean shower doors? Yes – partly because these products have often been specially designed for the purpose, but also because the instructions on the label (which are always essential reading) will suggest the best technique for a gleaming, flawless clean.

For some people, however, it may be easier, more convenient, or cost effective to use products most of us already have in our cleaning cupboards at home. If you are tempted to try an alternative, believe it or not one of the best cleaning products for a shower screen is laundry detergent – preferably a powder. Mix the laundry powder into a thick paste with a small amount of cold water, and apply it to the screen with a soft cloth, scrubbing gently as you go. Be aware that this mixture is abrasive: test it on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to any bathroom surfaces. Keep in mind as well that it will require a good rinse afterwards, as laundry detergents can create a lot of foam.

clean a shower screen

How to Clean a Shower Door or Screen: the Essential Equipment

Many cleaners, whether homemade or shop-bought, will require a quick final rinse. The issue with this is that if you live in an area with hard water, a rinse can leave soap scum, limescale, and water marks on your shower screen after it dries. If you want to know how to clean glass shower doors without finding these problematic water marks afterwards, then you’ll need one very important piece of equipment: a squeegee.

Squeegees can be purchased from your local DIY store, or even from the cleaning aisle at the supermarket. They’re incredibly versatile – they’re often used for cleaning car windshields, windows, and there are even body squeegees for getting excess water off your skin after a shower. After rinsing your shower screen, use a normal squeegee to remove as much excess water from the surface as you can. Not only will the screen dry faster, but it should also dry relatively clear and smudge-free.

The Finishing Touches

Now that you know how to clean watermarks on a shower screen, you’ll want to know how to get the glass looking like new. Some cleaners won’t get your shower screen sparkling the way it did when you first fitted it – particularly if you’re using a product designed for another kind of surface or material. A dull shower screen can really change the look of your bathroom, as it can actually make the room appear smaller. The sparkle and shine of glass can do wonders for the overall appeal and aesthetics of your bathroom.

If you are having this problem, the trick to getting your bathroom shining once more is to mix some white vinegar (you may have some in your kitchen cupboards already) with cold water – equal parts should be fine. Using a cloth, wipe this solution all across your shower screen before buffing with a clean, dry cloth. The vinegar will bring out the shine of the screen – this also works excellently when you’ve finished cleaning your windows, too.

So now that you know how to clean shower screens properly, there’s no excuse for dried soap scum or limescale marks in your bathroom. You really will notice a huge difference in your bathroom – it’ll appear cleaner, fresher, and brighter – and there’s no need to be embarrassed when visitors drop by.

Originally published September 13, 2018