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How to clean a toilet

Don't dread toilet cleaning! Read on to discover just how simple it is to get your toilet sparkling like new using bleach.


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how to clean a toilet
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It’s no secret that very few people will ever claim they enjoy cleaning a toilet, and most people will gladly admit to hating it. Yet, there is no need to dread the task as much if you know what you are doing; efficiency is key. If you follow a few simple steps and use some essential products, toilet cleaning will really pay off, and your toilet will look amazingly shiny in no time.

The best way to clean a toilet is to use a product specifically designed for cleaning toilets – like DOMESTOS bleach. Cleaning the toilet regularly makes it easy to clean, as stains are more difficult to remove when they are old.

What You Will Need to Clean a Toilet

Keep some disposable gloves, a toilet brush, your toilet cleaner of choice (we like DOMESTOS Thick Bleach), some paper towels, or other disposable cloths or sponges handy. It is best to use a sponge or towel that you can throw away after use – you don’t want to re-use a sponge from the toilet in another area of the home.

Clear the Area Around the Toilet

To make the job easier, it’s a good idea to start by making sure nothing will get in your way while you’re scrubbing the toilet – so remove any items on or around the toilet. This also means nothing will accidentally get dirty if toilet water happens to splash outside the toilet bowl – you’re cleaning the toilet to get rid of germs, not to risk transmitting them onto other objects.

Clean the Outside of the Toilet

Using hot water only, you can do a first initial clean by wiping off any exterior dirt with a cloth. Using toilet cleaner, spray the outside parts, such as the tank and the handle, and wipe them clean. Move on to the toilet lid and the outside parts of the bowl.

Don’t leave out any bits even if they appear to be clean – they probably are not, since not all dirt and germs will be visible. Do not neglect the seat, as this is where people come in contact with the toilet; make sure it is extra clean.

clean a toilet

How to Clean the Toilet Bowl

The outside of the toilet bowl should be clean and fresh by now, but when it comes to cleaning the inside of the toilet bowl, you should opt for a special toilet cleaner designed to get your toilet bowl shining again while removing stains and mineral deposits. Opt for a top-down approach, starting with the toilet rim first.

Apply some toilet cleaner to the inside of the rim and start scrubbing, using a toilet brush or a cloth. Keep in mind that some toilet cleaners might need to soak for a little while, so make sure to read the instructions to know how long you can wait to move on to scrubbing the inside of the toilet bowl.

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