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The toilet cleaner you should be using: Domestos bleach

Some toilet cleaners simply aren't as effective as others. Learn why Domestos Bleach is Cleanipedia's pick for the best toilet stain remover around.


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Do you ever find yourself standing hopelessly in the supermarket aisle, perplexed at the sheer number of different household cleaning products on offer? Granted, toilet cleaning products don’t make for the most riveting of dinner party conversations, and testing the merits of various products to find the best toilet stain remover is unlikely to feature high on your list of priorities, but it is still important.

This is why we’ve done the dirty work for you (so to speak). Everything you need to know about one of our favourite toilet bowl cleaners – Domestos – is summed up here.

Domestos Bleach is one of our favourites when it comes to toilet cleaning products. It helps fight nasty germs and keep your family safe from bacteria.

Choosing toilet cleaners

No one likes cleaning toilets. Or talking about cleaning toilets, for that matter. But anyone who counts toilet cleaning among their necessary household chores knows what they’re after in a toilet cleaner: one that helps eliminate germs, is safe for family homes, and tackles stains with minimal effort.

When shopping, you should therefore look for a toilet cleaning product that:

  • Is easy and quick to apply

  • Is able to clean the toilet bowl thoroughly and removes stains easily

  • Is formulated to help fight germs

  • Is safe enough to be used every day

It is for this reason that bleaches are often used as part of household toilet cleaning.

Domestos Bleach can be used as a daily toilet cleaner as it helps to keep stains from forming on toilet bowls and under the rim while also helping to fight germs and bacteria. The thickness of the bleach helps it to coat and protect toilet bowls, even after they have been scrubbed or flushed.

Comparing toilet cleaning products

Having established that a market-leading toilet cleaning product must contain bleach, preferably of the thick variety, identifying the best toilet cleaning product currently available suddenly gets a whole lot easier. That’s because most brands of toilet cleaner do not contain thick or thin bleach at all.

Domestos Bleach, with its thick formulation, is a great choice for a toilet bowl cleaner. When used as directed, it’s also safe enough to use every single day. Add to that the ergonomic, curved design of the Domestos bottle, which allows you to dispense the fluid directly up and under the toilet bowl rim, and you’ve got a great product.

When looking for the best toilet stain remover, Domestos is sure to feature on your shortlist. Just remember to only use it as directed, and to always wear appropriate protection – such as gloves. Strong chemicals such as bleach should always be used in a well-ventilated area and kept out of reach of children. You should never mix products containing bleach with other household cleaners either as this can produce harmful or toxic gases.

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