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How to brighten clothes: making old clothes look new and stylish

Want to freshen up old or drab clothes? Find out how to make clothes look new & stylish again with this how-to guide.


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Unless you can afford to buy brand-new clothes on a regular basis, the key to looking stylish is to know how to make the most of what you’ve already got. So, from bargain hunting tips to advice on how to revamp old clothes – we’ve put together the ultimate guide on revitalising your wardrobe.

Use Surf Superbright Liquid in the wash – it is specially formulated to leave clothes dazzlingly bright. Just follow the dosing advice on the label for the best results.

How to Make Old Clothes Look New and Stylish

  • Hunt for a Bargain

You don’t always have to shop in high-end or fancy boutiques to find quality clothes. In the hustle and bustle of the market, you are likely to come across some brilliant bargains. The best tip is to look for material that is easy to clean – it’s guaranteed to last wash after wash, and you won’t have to worry about taking items to get professionally dry cleaned.

  • Customise Old Clothes

Similarly, while shopping in markets, don’t be afraid to haggle for a better price! If the idea of wearing old clothes doesn’t appeal, you can easily customise items with new buttons, fabric, or even dye. If you’re wondering how to dye clothes, it’s really not that difficult! All you’ll need is a good quality fabric dye and a sturdy bucket – simply follow the instructions for the dye carefully and your garment will be given a whole new lease on life.

How to Brighten Clothes in the Wash

If you’re wondering how to make old clothes look new and stylish again – there are things you can do to help salvage your old favourites!

First, consider the type of product you are using. To hand wash white clothes, a product like Surf Superbright hand wash powder is ideal – it is specially formulated to leave whites super bright, meaning it’s great for items that have started to look yellow or especially dull over time. Likewise, Surf Superbright Auto is designed to remove dirt and reveal brightness in the washing machine. (Remember to read the label to find out the correct dosage to use.)

As well as washing with a brightening washing powder, there are lots of ways you can keep your clothes in new like condition wash after wash. Here are some tips to remember while doing the laundry…

  • Use a mesh bag or pillowcase. Washing underwear or delicate material such as silk or lace in a tied pillowcase will help to protect them from being damaged in the machine.

  • Wash inside out. Turning jeans or knitted sweaters and jackets inside out also helps to maintain their condition, and is also useful if you’re worried about colour running on new clothes.

  • Do up zips and buttons. Buttons can easily fall off and zips can snag other material – so fastening them means everything will stay in shape and free from damage!

  • Avoid the drying cycle. Drying in the washing machine is convenient, but it can often overwork, stretch out material, and even fade clothes. If you can, hang everything outside to prevent this problem.

  • Use fabric softener. Using a conditioner in the wash is a great way to keep clothes soft to touch – just remember to avoid using it on items that are designed to be absorbent. Always read the care label of your garment first before using fabric conditioner to make sure it’s suitable for the fabric.

  • Use the correct amount of washing powder. Many people make the mistake of thinking more washing powder will make clothes cleaner, but it can actually damage them! Remember to check the dosing guidelines, and put in no more than recommended.

So now you know – making clothes look new isn’t impossible! With these tips, you’ll be able to revamp old clothes and ensure they stay in better condition for longer.

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  • Customise garments by sewing on new buttons, or dyeing clothes that have faded.

  • Take steps to prevent damage while washing in the machine.

  • Read the washing powder instructions to ensure you are using the correct dose.

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