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Why Are the Colours Fading in Your Clothing?

Colour fading is highly disappointing, not to mention costly when you feel like you have to keep on replacing your clothing that keeps losing its brightness, wash after wash.


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Why Are the Colours Fading in Your Clothing?

We’re here to tell you that it’s time to say goodbye to colour fading in clothes with just a few, easy steps. We’ll give you reasons why your clothes might be fading fast and show you how to wash clothes, so they don't fade and lose their colour. By following these simple tips, your clothes will stay looking newer for longer.

What Causes Colours to Fade on Clothes?

The scientific reason for colours fading in clothing is when the colour molecules or pigment in the fabric fibres lose their molecular attraction to the fibres and fall away from them. There are several reasons why this happens:

  • When you wash colour or dark clothing in hot water. The heat can speed up this molecular detraction process much more quicker.

  • If you use too harsh chemicals or detergents that are not formulated to lock in colour.

  • If you wash on incorrect cycles that are too vigorous or scrub too hard when hand washing. Over-agitation can cause quicker colour fading

  • Overdrying in the tumble dryer. The heat and movement of a tumble dryer can lead to colour fading faster on certain fabric types.

How to Wash Clothes So They Don't Fade?

Now that you understand why colours fade, it’s time to learn how to stop fading clothes for good! The key is to always read the care label of your garments to make sure you are washing them in the correct way. The next major step in preventing colour fading is to use a detergent that is formulated to brighten colour, like Surf Washing Powders.

Tips to Prevent Colours from Fading

Follow these five tips for best results:

#1 - Read the Care Label of your Clothes.

The care label on clothing is not actually there simply to annoy you and be cut off. The care label gives exact instructions on how best to wash a garment including the temperature of the water, if it should be hand washed, if it can be tumble dried and much more.

#2 - Wash Clothes in Cold Water

For best results with coloured clothing, only use the cold or cool wash cycle on your machine or use cold water when hand washing. Stay away from hot water to prevent fading.

Want to know why cold water is best for dark or coloured clothing? Read out blog on Reasons For Washing Dark Clothes in Cold Water now.

#3 - Turn Clothes Inside Out

Washing your coloured clothing inside out, will help to keep the side of the fabric that you see (i.e., the front side) protected from too much agitation, therefore protecting the colour on the front side too.

#4 - Wash Dark Colours Together

Always wash like colours together. Wash dark colours together and light colours together, and of course always separate these two from white clothing too.

#5 - Don't Stuff Clothes in the Washing Machine

If you over pack your washing machine you can also run the risk of creating too much friction or over-agitation in your machine. The rule is to only pack your washing machine to halfway for best results.

How to Bring Back Colour in Faded Clothes & Preserve Their Colour For Longer

If you want to know how to bring back colour in faded clothes, the answer is to use Surf. Surf Washing Powders are best at restoring brightness to your clothing – whether they are white or coloured too. Surf is formulated with whitening technology that helps to make white clothes whiter and helps to brighten your coloured garments too.

Always use the correct amount of powder. Overdosing can also contribute to clothing that comes out dull and lacks lustre. Don’t be tempted to use extra detergent to make your clothes brighter, it doesn’t work that way.

Stick with the process of using the right amount of powder, washing in cool water, and air drying in natural sunlight, and you should see the brightness returning to your colours in no time.

For more laundry tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia now.

FAQs on Colours Fading in Your Clothes

Can you reverse colour fading in clothes?

If you use a good quality powder like Surf, and you follow the tips in the blog above, you can begin to return the brightness in your coloured clothing.

Why can't you wash dark and white clothes together?

If you wash dark colours with whites, you run the risk of the colour running out of the darker clothing and staining the white garments.

Does the type of laundry detergent you use matter?

Yes, indeed! A good washing powder, like Surf, if formulated to help brighten your clothing and prevent fading.

Does rinsing clothes help prevent the fading of colour?

Rinsing your clothing helps to prevent any detergent build-up from your clothing.

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