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How to Get Your Floors Spick & Span

While sweeping and vacuuming can get rid of any loose dirt, something is bound to stick to the floor. This is why you need a floor cleaner that cuts through stubborn dirt and removes 99% of germs.


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What is the Best Floor Cleaner?

Of course, some floors need a lot more TLC than others. So selecting the best floor cleaner for yours is so important. The last thing you want is to damage or stain your tiles, laminate, or hardwood floors. It is also not recommended to use any formulation on painted wood, metal, or linoleum floors.

The best floor cleaner will get rid of dirt without causing damage or leaving streaks. It’s also convenient to have one-floor cleaner that you can use across all large surfaces in your home.

Handy Andy Floor and All Purpose Cleaner is used as a:

  • Floor cleaner for laminate floors

  • Floor cleaner for wood

  • Floor cleaner for tile

  • Floor cleaner for polished concrete.

  • Counters, handles, screens

  • Spray down gym equipment to remove 99% of germs (For disinfecting action, use the 750ml product neat and undiluted on the surface).

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Why Use Handy Andy to Clean Your Floors?

There are dozens of floor cleaning products on the shelves. So, what makes Handy Andy All-in1 Floor Cleaner the best floor cleaner?

  1. Handy Andy floor cleaners contain acti-shine technology that cuts through dirt and grime, leaving a clean and shiny surface. It has the germ-fighting power of Domestos.

  2. Handy Andy All-in-1 Floor Cleaner is multipurpose. It is a great floor cleaner for tiles, wood, and even laminate floors.

  3. Leaves your home smelling fragrantly fresh.

  4. As part of our efforts in environmental sustainability, we have introduced packaging bottles made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.

Do Handy Andy Floor Cleaners Disinfect?

Yes, they do. Handy Andy Floor & All Purpose cleaners are formulated with the germ-killing power of Domestos. Our cleaners kill 99.9% of germs, making them perfect for heavily frequented areas such as dining areas, hallways, entryways, and bathrooms. You can now safeguard your health with a few wipes.

How to Use Handy Andy Floor Cleaner

Here’s how you can get the best results from our cleaners.

  1. Clean your floors before mopping. Sweeping or vacuuming the floor before mopping prevents it from becoming muddy.

  2. Once you have swept your floors, pour 3 caps of Handy Andy Floor Cleaner into 3L of water. Mix this thoroughly.

  3. Proceed to mop your floor. Apply a bit more pressure when running the mop over stubborn stains.

  4. Rinse the floor and wipe it again with a damp cloth.

Expert Tip: When using the liquid neat from the 750ml and 1,5ml bottles, Handy Andy Floor Cleaner can be used to kill 99% germs. Pour it onto a wet sponge or directly onto the surface and leave for 5minutes before rinsing. Some of us decant straight from the bottle into an empty spray bottle for spraying down and cleaning those larger surfaces.

For an extra shiny finish, run a dry cloth over the floor.

Handy Andy Cleaning Tips

1. Dry mop laminate floors:

Even though laminate floors look like your typical hardwood, they need a lot more care as you clean: Handy Andy floor cleaner for laminate is perfect for the job. Avoid using too much water. The moisture can seep underneath the planks and spoil the laminate.

2. Keep your water hot:

Hot water cleans better and faster than cold or warm water. It makes it easier to get grime and dirt off the floor.

Handy Andy is a Floor Cleaning Solution That Works

Using Handy Andy floor cleaners regularly help to protect you and your loved ones from germs. Handy Andy floor cleaners are formulated to kill 99.9% of germs. Protect your family and visitors from illness-causing germs. Keep your floors shiny and your home smelling fresh.

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