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Become A Handy Andy Hero

Handy Andy isn’t South Africa’s number one selling surface cleaning brand for no reason! The Handy Andy range of cleaners for toilets and bathrooms, kitchens, floors, countertops and surfaces, is designed to remove stubborn dirt and grease, leaving you with a cleaner, fresher-smelling home.


Become A Handy Andy Hero

Become a Handy Andy Hero using a range of Handy Andy cleaning products in your home that get the job done! There is a product for every surface of your home so that cleaning does not have to be the daunting, blood-sweat-and-tears kind of chore anymore. We take a look at the wide range of products and Handy Andy uses that are available from your favourite retailer today.

Cream Cleaners

The new range of cream cleaners from Handy Andy is even tougher on dirt and grease. It is no match for dirt and grime and has been formulated to tackle even the greasiest of surfaces. This range of Handy Andy cleaners can be used on every kind of surface in your home from kitchen cupboards to bathroom tiles. If it’s a greasy, dirty surface, use a cream cleaner to clean it.

Spray Cleaners

The beauty of the Handy Andy Spray range is that each one has been formulated to target a specific area of your home. The UltraFast Spray range is designed to be sprayed onto a surface and wiped clean with no need to rinse which is guaranteed to save you time in your busy day. Choose a fragrance you like from our Kitchen Cleaner Spray, Bathroom Cleaner Spray, Window & Glass Spray, or the Multipurpose Spray range too. Read more on how effective the Handy Andy Bathroom Spray cleaner is in our blog, Best Shower Tiles, and Grout Cleaners. Handy Andy also offers a range of multipurpose wipes which are great for cleaning devices like phones and tablets, stoves, toilets, bins, and other difficult-to-clean or reach areas. Keep some Handy Andy wipes in your bag for easy, hygienic cleaning of just about anything, anywhere.

Floor and All-Purpose Cleaners

Handy Andy Floor & All Purpose Cleaner takes clean floors to a new level. Powered with Domestos bleach, the Floor Cleaner variant can be used to clean just about every floor type in your home from laminate and wood to tiles and concrete. When you use all of the Handy Andy products in your home, you’ll fast become both a Handy Andy hero and our biggest fan too.

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Frequently asked questions about Handy Andy

1. How Effective is Handy Andy?

Handy Andy is South Africa’s number one selling surface cleaning brand so it’s safe to say it’s very effective. Choose from their range of surface cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, wipes and floor cleaners now.

2. Can you use Handy Andy to Wash Windows?

For washing windows, we would recommend using the Handy Andy Window & Glass Spray which helps to clean and disinfect windows leaving them with a brilliant shine. You should always read the back of pack instructions and follow all instructions.

3. Can Handy Andy be Used on Wood?

Handy Andy All-In-1 Floor Cleaner is specially formulated to cut through stubborn dirt and grease on floors all around your home. However do not use on wood, linoleum, aluminium or worn or scratched surfaces.

4. Can you use Handy Andy on Tiles?

Handy Andy Floor cleaner can be used on tiles, yes. Simply dilute 3 caps of floor cleaner into a bucket of water and clean the tiles with a soft cloth or mop.

5. Where Can I Use Handy Andy?

You can use a Handy Andy product on just about every surface in your home. From toilet seats to kitchen counters, choose a product that works for you.

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