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How to Clean Electric Hob With Solid Plates

Electric stove tops with solid plates are a more modern and updated hob design, but they too can get really dirty over time. You might think because they’re smooth, you can just get away with wiping a few spills up here and there.


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How to Clean Electric Hob With Solid Plates

The reality, though, is that they too can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria if not regularly cleaned well. What’s more, they can rust easily too which will stop them from working properly and possibly damage the hob completely.

What are Electric Hob Solid Plates & How Do They Get Dirty?

Electric hobs are either made with spring coil plates or with smooth, solid hot plates. More modern ovens tend to come with solid hot plate stoves on top. This just means that the heat technology created by the plate, which is the area used for cooking on, is built-into the stove top itself to create the appearance of one smooth stove top.

If you’ve got an electric solid plate hob at home, or you use a hot plate with a smooth stove top, the tips and tricks in this blog are just for you. We’ve put together all the steps you need to follow on how to clean electric stove plates in the quickest time possible.

How to Clean Hot Plate Stoves?

So, you’ve got a beautiful, modern electric solid plate stove that is regularly getting full of spills and splashes after cooking. Here are the steps on how to clean solid hot plates that don’t have any parts to them. If you regularly follow these steps, your electric stove top will look sparkling and almost new, all year round.

Step 1 – Protect Yourself First

Put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect the skin on your hands, just in case any accidents – like mistakenly putting the stove top on – happily.

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Step 2 – Use A Hob Scraper

You should invest in a hob scraper if you have an electric oven that has solid hot plates. Using the hob scraper, gently remove any areas of burnt on food or debris. A hob scraper is also a great tool to use to remove any leftover from plates too.

Step 3 – Use Handy Andy

Put a small amount of Handy Andy Cream Cleaner onto the surface of the stove. You don’t need to use a lot of cleaners to get great results, a small squirt or two should do.

Step 4 – Wash With Water

Using a clean cloth or soft sponge, dip it in warm water first. Then wash the hob with the damp sponge, making sure you cover all surface areas of the stove top. Don’t be worried of the solution starts to foam and become quite dirty, that is the Handy Andy Cream Cleaner working it’s magic and lifting all the dirt and grease off of the surface.

Step 5 – Wipe and Sparkle

Using another cloth that has been dampened with warm water, wipe away any dirt foam and residue from the stove including the plates and all the corners of the hob. The main thing with cleaning a solid plate stove is never to use anything abrasive like steel wool, as it could scratch the surface of the stove and create deep gauges.

Why You Should Clean Rust Away on Electric Hob Solid Plates?

Rust can be particularly bad for your stove top if left. Rust can degrade and damage your stove top, leaving gaping holes in the surface. This could be very detrimental as it could lead to electrical faults and explosions and completely damage your stove top, not to mention be potentially to you or anyone in your family who is cooking.

Do you want to know how to clean rust off stove plates? Well, luckily for you, you should just simply follow the steps above too, to get the best results. For particularly thick, rusty areas, mix a solution of lemon juice and table salt. Pour the solution directly onto the rust and allow it to sit for 10 – 15 minutes before washing off using the steps above.

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Get Clean Results, Fast with Handy Andy

A dirty electric stove top is no match for Handy Andy’s Cream Cleaner range. The powerful, natural particles in the cleaner, penetrate dirt, grease, burnt-on food and anything else that might be lying on the stove top. The cream cleaner lifts the dirt, and you can then easily wipe it away, leaving the stove surface hygienically clean and looking great. That’s why we recommend Handy Andy as the best solid plate hob cleaner on the market.

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FAQs on Cleaning Electric Hob Plates

What should you not clean an electric hob solid plate with?

You should never use any kind of abrasive products or cleaning agents on an electric hob solid plate.

How do you clean an electric hob solid plate without scratching it?

Make sure you use a hob scrapper that is designed to remove debris and burnt-on food without scratching the surface.

How do you protect an electric solid hob plate?

The best way to protect any electrical appliance in the kitchen is to clean it regularly and never use anything that can scratch it.

Which cleaning products work best when cleaning an electric hob solid plate?

The range of Handy Andy Cream Cleaners work well to clean surfaces in the kitchen including electric hob solid plates.

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