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Ceramic Stove Top Cleaning Tips

Learn more about ceramic stove effortless cleaning


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A stainless steeel pan on top of a ceramic stove
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With more and more family members pitching in to help around the house thanks to the countrywide lockdowns that we find ourselves in every now and then, Moms around the country are really grateful but also secretly worrying too! “What if they don’t use the right products to clean my surfaces and I end up with scratches everywhere?”. We hear Moms muttering under their breath not wanting to seem ungrateful.

Luckily for all you moms out there who share in this worry, we’ve put together a short and sweet little guide on how ceramic stove top cleaning that you can share with the whole family – to make sure they do it right the first time. Forward them this article, then sit back with your favourite book and a cup of tea, knowing they’re going to get the ceramic cooktop cleaning right.

Cleaning A Ceramic Stove Top

How To Keep Your Ceramic Stove Top Clean?

Here are our top tips for the best way to clean ceramic cooktops, put simply for the whole family to enjoy and follow:

Step 1 – Soak Any Hardened Stains

When cooking, there is bound to be some mess and spills that happen around the stove top. If they aren’t wiped away immediately, they can harden and become quite difficult to get rid of. Before you start the good cleaning of your cooktop, begin by pouring a little baking soda and a few drops of warm water onto these dried stains and leave for about 15 minutes. Wipe away with a warm, damp, soft cloth and they should come off easily. If have a head start on your ceramic stove cleaning, apply some Handy Andy Cream directly on the stain and leave overnight to soak.

Step 2 – Choose The Right Products

First rule of ceramic cleaning is to never use any kind of abrasive cleaners or metal scourers on the surface as it will definitely scratch it. Always use a soft cloth when cleaning and wiping marks on ceramic cooktops.

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Choosing the right kind of cleaning product is also essential. A cooktop cleaning cream, like Handy Andy Kitchen Spray, is the best to use because it doesn’t contain bleach (which could stain the ceramic) and it is gentle enough to not scratch the surface yet effective enough to clean the oil and dirt off.

Step 3 – Give A Final Rinse

Once you’ve cleaned the ceramic cooktop with a good cream cleaner and warm water, with a soft cloth, be sure to give it one more wipe with a damp, warm cloth to remove any residue.

What Products Should You Use To Clean Your Ceramic Top Stove?

Handy Andy Cream is formulated to get rid of 100% of dirt in the kitchen. You can even choose to use the Handy Andy Ultrafast Kitchen Trigger Spray, this spray’s fast-acting molecules lift up dirt and make kitchen cleaning so much easier.

The best recommendation to avoid burnt or caked on stains, is to clean any mess as soon as it happens. Make sure you avoid leaving stains for an extended period of time to cut your cleaning time in half.

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