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How To Keep A Spotless Kitchen

Read On For The Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips And Tricks


Clean kitchen sink and counter

How To Keep A Spotless Kitchen

The kitchen is almost always the main hub of the house. That is why it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. Cleaning keeps your family from contracting any harmful germs that could lead to illnesses and infections. Read below for some helpful kitchen cleaning tips sure to help you keep your kitchen spotless.

How To Clean The Kitchen?

You feel motivated to clean but are stumped on how to start. To clean your kitchen efficiently, have the proper cleaning aids on hand. A few wipers to have in your toolkit are:

  • sponges

  • cloths

  • paper towels

  • scourers and brushes are great for scrubbing stuck-on messes

To keep your kitchen spotless, you'll also need a few cleaning products for kitchen cleaning. Find out what to use when cleaning your kitchen.

A handy tip to remember is that a deep clean is only necessary about once a month. If you clean messes as they occur, you can maintain a spotless looking kitchen every day. A quick countertop wipe and stove scrub once a day means that you'll avoid working through caked-on grease. Learn more on deep cleaning your kitchen.

Where Do I Start When Cleaning My Kitchen?

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The best place to start cleaning your kitchen is the sink. Washing dirty dishes frees up space in your sink and surrounding areas. This means that once you start cleaning kitchen cabinets, stove and other hard surfaces, you can comfortably rinse your hands, sponges, brushes and any other cleaning aids that you’re using. And all without contaminating your utensils.

To keep your kitchen looking spotless, cleaning regularly and packing away is essential. Use our kitchen cleaning schedule as a guide to developing a routine that works for you. By implementing a proper system, you'll create an easy flow, making not only cleaning but storing things away effortless. Find out how to clean and store things.

How To Make Kitchen Cleaning Easy?

It's important to have a place for everything in your kitchen. By organising your kitchen efficiently, clutter will be a thing of the past. It’s recommendable to keep your surface cleaners and disinfectants within reach to help clean up kitchen items conveniently.

Using antibacterial cleaners, like Sunlight Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid and Domestos Thick Bleach, eradicates germs and bacteria. It's a simple way to guarantee that your kitchen is both spotless and sanitised. Learn how to sanitize and disinfect your kitchen.

Keeping Kitchen Clean And Germ-free

It’s important to follow the ‘clean up as you go’ principle and maintain a monthly deep cleaning schedule. For a spotless and germ-free kitchen, ensure that your cleaning aids are also kept clean and disinfected.

QUESTION: Did you know that your dishwashing sponge is one of the most germ and bacteria covered items in your kitchen? By microwaving your sponge for 90 seconds on full power, you will reduce any bacteria by 99%.?

Bonus Kitchen Cleaning Tips

A phenomenal, natural kitchen appliance cleaner is lemon. Use it to clean and freshen up your microwave. You can do this by placing half a lemon inside a bowl with half a cup of water in your microwave and leaving it running for 2 to 3 minutes. Don’t forget to use oven gloves to remove your bowl afterwards.

Lemon has a lot of uses in the kitchen. Did you know that sliced lemons also make great scourers. Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle enough salt to cover the fruit. Then use it to scrub your chopping board and wooden counters until they are clean. The lemon helps them remain stain-free and fragrant.

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