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A good night sleep starts with learning how to wash pillows

Read our complete guide to washing feather pillows in the washing machine and drift off easily each night.


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A good night sleep starts on learning how to wash pillows
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Most people wash their bed sheets pretty regularly, but it’s easy to forget about your pillows. When they’re always covered in a pillowcase, you might not realise just how dirty they can get - but they really can! So, to keep things hygienic and make sure you always get a good night’s sleep, here’s how to wash feather pillows.

When washing feather pillows, add a little Comfort Fabric Conditioner to keep them smelling fresh.

Can you machine wash feather pillows?

Feather pillows are incredibly comfy to sleep on, but they’re definitely more fragile than regular pillows. This leaves a lot of people wondering, ‘can you wash feather pillows in the washing machine?’. The simple answer - yes! In fact, washing feather pillows this way not only cleans them but also makes them fluffier and comfier.

How to clean feather pillows

Now that we’ve answered whether you can wash feather pillows, it's time to look at how you do it. Just follow these steps:

  1. Check the care label to see if there are any instructions on how you should or shouldn’t wash your pillows.

  2. Squeeze the air out of your pillows and see if you can wash two in your machine at once. If they're too big to fit in the drum comfortably, wash them individually.

  3. Use a gentle wash setting and a warm temperature (too hot and your pillows might shrink). Use a gentle fabric detergent, such as Skip, which will wash your pillows without ruining them.

  4. If you’re worried about your pillows soaking up all the detergent, rinse them again on a cold wash to make sure it’s all out.

  5. Dry your pillows in the tumble dryer before leaving them out for a couple of days to make sure they’re properly dried. If you put them in your cupboards or on the bed while they’re still damp then you might find you have a problem with mould and musty smells!

Easy, right? Washing pillows really isn’t that hard and they’ll be much nicer to sleep on afterwards.

How to whiten feather pillows

It’s normal for pillows to go a little yellow over time - it doesn’t mean yours are dirty! If you want to to restore their whiteness, simply add a little Surf to your wash which is made to whiten and brighten white fabrics. If there are any stains on your feather pillow then you can also use non-chlorine bleach to get rid of them. Just remember to read the label and directions on any products you use and follow what they say!

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Now that you know how to clean pillows there really is no excuse to overlook this part of your bedding any longer. Next time you’re changing your bed sheets, why not throw your pillows in the washing machine at the same time? You’ll definitely sleep better once they’re clean. 

  • Remove the pillowcase ready for washing.

  • Check over your feather pillow for any stains or yellowing.

  • Find the right washing detergent and fabric conditioner to clean, whiten, or remove stains from your pillows.

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