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Auto Washing Detergent for Busy Individuals

In our busy lives of work, family, fitness and friends, who has time to spend hours on laundry? OMO understands that not many people do, and so they’ve developed a range of auto washing detergents that offer fast, effective, fragrant cleaning wash after wash.


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Auto Washing Detergent for Busy Individuals

The reality is, no one has the time, money or inclination to spend hours scrubbing stains out of clothing or to spend large amounts of money paying a laundromat to clean your clothing each week. Clocking up both money and time is something that most of us don’t want to do or cannot afford in these tough times.

Essentially, most busy individuals want to invest in a great quality detergent product that will give us powerful results, quickly. Luckily for you, OMO has a range of laundry detergents in both powder and liquid form, that will do all of that and more for you. Here’s how!

OMO Auto Washing Powder

OMO Auto has been around for many years and has been loved by South Africans for generations. Why? Because it works! OMO Auto machine wash powder is the expert when it comes to getting rid of tough stains when washing your laundry in the machine. Here’s why the OMO Auto Washing Powder range is ideal for busy people.

Auto Washing Powder Saves Time

There is no need to pre-wash or scrub your clothing for hours before you use OMO powder. Simply add one scoop to your washing machine with your laundry load and let the power of OMO do the rest.

Auto Washing Powder Saves Money

All you need is one scoop of the powder for lightly soiled laundry loads (for heavily soiled loads, use one and a half scoops). This means that you won’t be using huge amounts of product each time you do a load of washing, saving you money on the product.

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Choose one of these great options from the OMO Auto Washing Powder range to try at home today;

OMO Auto Liquid Detergent

If you prefer to use a laundry liquid as your washing detergent of choice, then OMO has you covered too. The new range of OMO machine-washing liquid detergents is formulated with amazing stain-busting cleaning powers.

Variety of Choice

If you’re a busy single fitness fanatic, or an overworked mom of three, saving yourself time (for yourself or for the family) is pretty essential in these times. When you use OMO Auto Liquid, you can use it to do a quick wash of your activewear or to soak heavily soiled clothes. So, no matter what your needs are, you can use OMO Liquid detergent for great results.

Saves Money

Because you only need to use one capful of the liquid per wash, you’re actually ending up using less liquid. This means that a bottle of OMO Auto Washing Liquid will not only cost you less but last you longer too – saving you money for yourself.

Better for the Environment

A bottle of OMO Auto Washing Liquid is 100% recyclable which means that it can be recycled by you and turned into something new once again. OMO uses 7% fewer greenhouse gases in the making of their new bottles too. All around, a better choice for the environment.

Choose one of these great options from the OMO Auto Washing Liquid range to try at home today;

Pros of Washing Powder vs Liquid Detergent

Are you wanting to know what the difference is between washing powder and a liquid detergent and what product would be best for you? We’ve put together a list of pros and cons of each product, helping you decide what will work best for your family.

Washing Powder – The Pros

  • Washing powder is excellent for large loads and larger washing machines, making it ideal for big, busy families.

  • Powder detergent is lower in cost, making it a great choice for budget-conscious families

Liquid Detergent

  • Dissolves better in water without leaving residue

  • The OMO Auto Washing Liquid bottle is 100% recyclable making it a great choice for the environment.

  • Liquid detergents are easy to transport because they are in an easy-to-close bottle.


Which washing powder is best for a fully automatic washing machine?

We recommend the OMO Auto Washing Powder range for automatic washing machines.

What is the nicest smelling washing powder?

Personal preference is key when choosing a washing powder, why not try OMO Auto Washing Powder with a Touch of Comfort Freshness.

Which liquid detergent is best for a fully automatic washing machine?

We recommend the OMO Auto Washing Liquid range for automatic washing machines.

Is liquid detergent good for clothes?

Yes, it is. It works to remove stains powerfully from clothing.

What auto detergent gets out oil stains?

Auto liquid detergents work best for removing oily and greasy stains from clothing.

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