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Best Way To Clean Mirrors Without Streaks

How to ensure streaky mirrors are not how you start your day.


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Mirrors: We love to use them, but we don't share the same enthusiasm about cleaning them. Let's go over some of the best ways to clean a mirror so it'll no longer be a chore.

How to Clean Mirrors?

Bathroom mirrors can accumulate some pretty gross stuff. Old toothpaste spatter, hairspray, soap splatter, even paint if you are remodelling. This gunk hardens quite quickly and does not come off easily with a swish of a squeegee.

The best way to clean mirrors that have hardened residue is to apply some rubbing alcohol with a cotton wool ball. Rubbing alcohol is one of the best mirror cleaners as it dries quickly and is non-abrasive.

Does your mirror get black spots? We get it; it's not quite the 'vintage' look you are going for. Black spots appear around the edges of mirrors because moisture or cleaning product has got between the glass and the backing.

After cleaning a mirror, if you can get it off the wall, try a mirror-like silver spray paint to coat the edges. There are a few brands like Rustoleum developed for this particular situation. If the mirror does not come off the wall, maybe consider a faux frame.

Streak Free Mirrors

To leave no streaks on your mirror, you need the right tools. A small handheld squeegee is the best tool to clean mirrors. The small head gets into tight corners where dirt and dust accumulate. The short handle gives you better control when swiping across the mirror. A squeegee rubber lasts between 4 and 6 hours of use. It is recommended to replace the squeegee rubber to avoid streaking.

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A microfibre cloth is essential to cleaning a mirror and leaving it streak-free. Each fibre on the cloth is split, providing a large surface area to remove dirt and collect moisture. A good-quality microfibre cloth will not leave lint on the mirror.

How to Clean Mirrors Without Streaks?

Even more important than the tools is the product; it's all about the product. When shopping for the best mirror cleaner, look for commercial window cleaning products that contain surfactants and solvents. These two chemicals work together to dislodge and dissolve dirt, grease, or mineral compounds from the glass, leaving it sparkling clean.

Handy Andy Glass and Window Cleaner is one of the new generation professional cleaning products specially formulated to clean mirrors and glass, wiping away residue, dust, and soap spatter. It is quick-drying, resulting in a clear, clean, streak-free mirror.

For how to clean a mirror without chemicals, use a mixture of warm water and spirit vinegar. The acidity of vinegar breaks down any fatty residue, much like a chemical solvent. Mix one cup of water with one cup of vinegar in a spray bottle.

How to Wipe Mirrors Without Streaks?

It's all about the technique. Spray the glass cleaner directly onto the mirror. Be conservative with the quantity of spray. Too much chemical spray and the liquid will run, creating streaks and marks. Pull the squeegee down from top to bottom. Clear the blade with a microfiber cloth each time. Next, drag the squeegee from left to right, and repeat wiping the blade. If there are a few residual streaks, wipe the glass with a dry microfiber cloth. You should have a sparkling clean mirror.

Do not use your towel to wipe mirror fog after a shower or bath. Towels will leave lint and streaks. Instead, for the best way to clean mirrors, keep your squeegee or microfibre cloth near and give them a quick wipe. A hot blast from your hairdryer will take care of the condensation without leaving streaks.

Even the best mirror cleaner can leave streaks if you don’t employ the proper tools and techniques.

Incorporating mirrors into your home decor has so many advantages - they reflect light, they open up spaces, and make rooms look better. Mirrors are also practical and functional. Plus now, we have the best way to clean mirrors and keep them sparkling, have a look for yourself.

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