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Can You Use Hand Washing Powder in a Washing Machine?

Are you new to laundry and wondering “can I use hand washing powder in a washing machine?”. Whether you’re asking for yourself, or for a friend, understanding if you should or should not use hand washing powder in your machine is, actually, quite a common question.


Can You Use Hand Washing Powder in a Washing Machine

Never fear, because Cleanipedia is here! We clear up all the questions and bust all the myths about washing powders. In this blog, we take a look at why you shouldn’t use any old powder in machines and what happens if you use hand-washing powder in a washing machine.

Is hand wash powder effective when used in washing machines?

The very short answer to this question is no. There are several reasons why using hand washing powder in a washing machine is not a good idea. Here they are:

Hand Washing Powder Foams – a lot!

Hand washing powder is formulated to create a lot of foam when in contact with water. This foam, when hand washing, helps to penetrate into the fabric fibres to lift out the dirt. Hand-washing powder foam, coupled with the rubbing motion of your hands, creates enough friction to remove stains and dirt from clothing. If you put hand wash powder into a washing machine, too much foam will be created thanks to a large amount of friction that happens in a machine. This foam can actually clog the pipes and pores of a washing machine and cause serious damage. So, if you’re wondering, will hand washing powder damage my washing machine, the answer is a resounding yes.

Hand Washing Powder Can Leave Residue

When you hand wash, you generally use a lot less powder and a lot less water (not to mention a smaller amount of clothing at a time) than you would with a washing machine. You would need to use a lot more hand wash powder in a washing machine and this could result in residue building up on your clothing which can cause stains and damaged clothing.

Your Clothes Will Not Get Cleaned

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Hand washing powder will not clean your clothes effectively in a washing machine because it does not contain the right amount or balance of cleaning agents. Washing powder for washing machines has been formulated with the right balance to ensure that a full load of washing is able to be cleaned with the recommended dosage. The same applies to hand washing powder.

If you want a detergent that can be used for both hand washing and machine washing, then you should invest in Sunlight Auto & Hand Wash Liquid. We highly recommend this product if you do both hand washing and machine washing, as you’ll be able to use it for both purposes.

Why is it important to follow dosage and usage instructions?

When you have a car, putting in the correct type of petrol is essential for the good running of the vehicle, right? So, it is with a washing machine. You need to put in the right powder or detergent to get the best results from the machine.

Can you use hand wash powder in a top loader or a front loader? Again, the short answer is no. It’s best to use the right detergent for the right purpose. Always follow the dosage directions on the packet or bottle to ensure you are using the right amount of powder to get the best clean on your clothing.

How to use laundry powders correctly?

The general rule of thumb is to use washing powders for automatic washing machines and hand washing powders for hand washing. Products are made to be used under certain conditions, so it’s in our best interest – in order to get best results – if you use the products for what they are intended.

For a great range of automatic washing powders, try the Sunlight 2in1 Auto Washing Powders. They offer two sensational-smelling fragrances that offer great cleaning power and are formulated to be used in either front-loader or top-loader machines.

For a great range of hand washing powders that should be used for hand washing only, and that deliver excellent results, why not try the Sunlight range of 2in1 Handwash Washing Powders? They clean your clothes thoroughly and offer a great variety of sensational smells to choose from.

Trust Sunlight for a pure and gentle clean, whether you’re using the Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid, the Sunlight laundry bars, or even the Auto & Handwash Liquid range. Pick up a packet of Sunlight Auto Washing Powder or Handwash Washing Powder from your local retailer today – you’ll be glad you did.


What are the risks of using hand wash powder in a washing machine?

If you use hand washing powder in a washing machine you could damage the machine and you could stain or damage your clothing too.

How effective is hand wash powder when used in a washing machine?

Because hand wash powder has not been formulated for washing machines, there is not enough cleaning agent in the powder to get an effective clean in a washing machine. Plus, the foam that is created by hand wash powder could stain your clothes.

Can I use hand washing powder in a front loader or in a top loader?

We highly recommend that you don’t. Rather use an auto washing powder for us in a washing machine and leave the hand washing powder for your hand washing garments.

Is hand washing powder safe to use in a washing machine?

Read our blog above to find out why hand washing powder is not safe to use in a washing machine.

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