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Fight the 5 signs of clothes ageing with New Skip anti-ageing detergent

Skip is the leading garment care expert, and our priority is to care for your clothes and keep them looking beautiful. We know that there is more to clothing than how it looks. Each outfit tells a unique story of who you are and how you feel. New Skip anti-ageing detergent is scientifically tested to fight the 5 signs of ageing on your favourite garments.


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Skip ensures your wardrobe stays in impeccable condition with clothes that are always ready for you to show off. Perfect in colour, feel and fit. New Skip anti-aging detergent will give your most loved garments a new lease on life!

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Has your lifestyle during the Covid-19 lockdown affected the type of stains you get on your clothes?

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Skip detergents contain the most advanced formula designed to remove stains and keep your clothing clean. The formula dissolves completely in the wash, penetrating deep into the fibers to clean and care for clothes with maximum precision and without leaving residues. Because Skip loves your clothes as much as you do, it keeps your clothes beautiful, wash after wash. Explore our products.


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Anti-Ageing Liquid Detergents

Skip 3 x Anti-Aging 1,5l Bottles

Anti-Ageing Powder Detergents

Skip 2kg and 3kg x Anti-Aging Auto Washing Powder Packs

The Power of Colour

Exist loudly and live confidently in a vibrant world. Skip with Fibre Care Technology protects your brightest yellow garments and keeps them #NewForLonger #ThePowerOfColour

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Traditional, yet modern. Some clothes speak for themselves. Others can speak for generations. Skip protects the power of monochrome clothing. #SkipMonochrome #NewForLonger

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Skip Care Challenge

Who says you can't wear the same dress twice? Skip challenged style icon Enhle Mbali Maphumulo to take part in the #SkipCareChallenge to show the world that you can wear a garment as many times are you like!

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