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How to fold laundry to reduce creases & ironing time

Discover how to fold a shirt, the best way to fold pants and other tips for folding clothes in order to reduce wrinkles and save ironing time.


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How to fold laundry to reduce creases and ironing time

The best housework is the kind that doesn’t take up your entire afternoon, so it really pays to have a few timesaving hacks under your belt. Read on to discover our favourite time-saving tips for folding clothes!

The key to reducing creases when doing laundry is to learn how to fold a shirt and how to fold pants correctly. There are products out there can help you with this, such a fabric conditioner like Comfort.

Speed is of the essence when folding clothes

Folding laundry is a task best done as soon as the dryer finishes, or when your clothes are fresh off the line or drying rack. This is because the clothes have not been left to get creased or wrinkled, so you may not need to iron them before folding them.

How to fold clothes the right way

When it comes to folding clothes quickly and effectively, it’s good practice to lay the item out flat, smooth out the creases and fold inwards from the seams. Using fabric conditioner in your wash can even help to remove creases and make any ironing easier too!

How to fold a shirt like a pro

Want to know how to fold a shirt correctly? These four steps will get your shirts and blouses looking crisp and clean in no time.

  1. Lay the shirt face down and flat out, sleeves extended and buttons fastened

  2. Hold the collar with one hand and fold one sleeve in towards the middle with your other hand until there’s a straight line down the side

  3. Repeat on the other sleeve to make a rectangle

  4. Bring the top of the collar and bottom of the shirt together and turn over

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The best way to fold pants and stop wrinkles

As with shirts, learning how to fold pants properly will lessen the amount of work you have to do. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Hold the belt loops closest to the zip or buttons together and draw out the waist. This will help line up the trouser hems

  2. Fold the legs together before folding them in half

  3. Drape the trouser legs over a hanger and you won’t have to worry about creases – hanging always helps preserve the results of folding laundry

Taking a few minutes practicing how to fold a shirt and how to fold pants neatly will certainly save you time in the long run. Why not give it a try?

  • Use fabric conditioners like Comfort to keep clothes soft, smooth, and sweet-smelling

  • Folding clothes quickly after they’ve come out the machine to save time

  • Lay items flat and smooth out wrinkles before folding laundry

  • Work with the fabric’s natural folds by folding along seams and hems

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