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Great Washing Capsules for Your Laundry

Did you know that OMO Washing Capsules were recommended by 99% of homemakers in a Home Tester Club survey? That means that almost everyone who tried and tested OMO washing machine capsules felt that they were as good as the packaging promised.


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Great Washing Capsules for Your Laundry

At Cleanipedia, we like to hear this. We’re all about making sure that a product works as well as it says it will, if not even better. Let’s take a look at what these little washing pods are all about and why they are considered such a great detergent option to use.

Choose OMO Washing Capsules

The two most used words by homemakers when describing OMO capsules are ‘convenient’ and ‘efficient’ – and who doesn’t want this from a detergent product? The best washing capsules on the market from OMO, offer three times the stain removal power of OMO detergents in a new, improved 3-in-1 formulation. OMO capsules are powerful on stains whilst still being caring on fabrics.

5 Benefits Of Using OMO Washing Capsules

Want to know why we at Cleanipedia, are such fans of the OMO washing capsule range? Here’s a list of the top five benefits of using the best laundry capsules on the market:

#1 - Pre-Measured For Correct Dosing

The self-contained pods contain the exact amount of detergent, stain remover ingredients and fragrances needed for one load of laundry. So, there is no need to measure out a range of detergents to get the job done. You simply have to use one pod per load – the measuring is already done for you!

#2 - Efficient & Quick

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You will be able to save time and effort when using the laundry capsules from OMO. You won’t have to spend precious minutes measuring several laundry detergents out and pouring them into your machine’s dispenser. All you’ll need to do is throw one capsule into your machine’s drum for the best results. Plus, you won’t have to deal with annoying spills and accidents like you do when using powders and liquid detergents.

#3 – Dissolve Quickly

OMO Washing Capsules dissolve quickly in water, enabling the strong active ingredients to be able to get to work faster. So, if you choose a fast wash cycle of 30 minutes or less, you will still be able to get the benefit of the ingredients because the capsule dissolves almost instantly in water.

#4 - Colour Care

OMO Washing Capsules contain no bleach whatsoever, meaning it is formulated to be much gentler on fabrics during the washing cycle. The fibres of your clothing will not be damaged by the ingredients of the capsules and the colours of your clothing will be maintained well too.

#5 - Long Lasting Freshness

The capsules are formulated with a new fragrance system which ensures longer-lasting freshness and fragrance on your clothes for up to two weeks after washing.

How To Use OMO Washing Capsules For Best Results

Using OMO capsules has never been easier. Say goodbye to the messy measuring of liquids and powders and say hello to one easy, 3-in-1 pod. For best results, follow these easy steps when using OMO Washing Capsules:

  • Place one capsule into the drum of your washing machine when it is empty

  • Place the load of laundry on top of the capsules

  • Wash on the correct cycle as per usual

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Which washing capsules are best?

At Cleanipedia, we highly recommend OMO washing capsules because they are easy-to-use, convenient, offer great results, protect your fabrics, and offer longer lasting freshness.

Do washing capsules contain fabric softener?

Thanks to the new fragrance system included in OMO Washing Capsules, you’ll be able to get up to 14 days of lasting freshness for your clothing.

Are OMO Washing Capsules good for removing stains?

Yes, OMO Washing Capsules offer three times the stain removal power of OMO detergents, making them a highly effective option for removing stains.

Do OMO Washing Capsules contain bleach?

No, OMO Washing Capsules do not contain bleach, making them a gentle option for fabrics during the washing cycle.

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