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Hacks To Remove Make-Up Stains

Try these awesome DIY hacks to remove tough make-up stains from your clothes


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Hand holding a white shirt with a lipstick stain on the collar

Make-up for many, makes us look and feel fabulous. We wear make-up to prepare ourselves for the day, for an important event or for an exciting night out. Wearing make-up has often been compared to putting on war paint, a habit dating back to ancient global tribal customs. Many tribes would apply specific facial markings to signify their readiness for an upcoming battle. Much like these warriors, we apply make-up as a sign that we are ready for whatever the day will bring.

But what if your make-up smudges onto your outfit? Isn’t it just the worst when you have base or lipstick smudged on your collar? Don’t worry, Skip Anti-ageing Detergent's team of fabulousness is here to help with three easy ways to remove make-up stains from your clothes.

Here are 3 easy ways to remove make-up stains in your home, so that your look can stay on point, even if your make-up doesn’t stay put.

Hack #1 – How To Remove Foundation Stains From Clothes

Love your flawless skin, but hate the foundation stains that come up on your collar? This hack is for you. Step 1: Wet the affected area with a damp cloth. Step 2: Grab your favourite powder detergent mix with a little bit of water to make a paste (because it cuts through the oil in the foundation to help lift the stain). Apply this paste directly on the stain. Step 3: Let the detergent work its magic for 2 - 3 minutes Step 4: Rinse the affected area and wash with Skip Anti-ageing Detergents or Liquid as normal.

Hack #2 – How To Remove Powder Stains From Clothes

Powders come in the form of blush, eye shadows and even some foundations too. It often happens that a little of this powder will fall onto your shirt or pants while you’re applying it. So, how do you get the powder stain out of your clothes quickly before leaving the house? Grab a hairdryer and just blow the dust off the fabric using a sideways angle (so you don’t push it deeper into the material). Voila! You will be astounded at how well this hack works.

Hack #3 – How To Remove Lipstick Stains From Clothes

Removing lipstick from your clothes is a cinch with hairspray. Most of us have some hair spray lurking in the back of a cupboard. Now it’s time to put it to good use. Step 1: Spray hair spray onto the affected area. Step 2: Let the hairspray get to work on the stain. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Step 3: Wet a cloth with warm water. Dab at the stain until you’ve removed most of the hair spray. Step 4: Wash the item, as usual, using a detergent that is designed to take care of your fabric (like Skip Anti-ageing Detergents).

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These hacks couldn’t be easier, right? They can be done quickly and simply before work or right before you leave the house for a fabulous night out.

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