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Hand Washing Powder Tips

Ever wondered if you're correctly using handwashing powder? You might think that using hand washing powder for your clothes is straight-forward - but you might, in fact, be making crucial mistakes.


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Hand Washing Powder Tips

We’ve created this guide to provide you with vital hand washing powder tips you never thought you needed. OMO has all the tips and tricks you need to make the process of hand washing clothes with powder detergent, easy and effective.

How does Hand Washing Power Work?

Hand washing powders have been around for generations, even before the invention of automatic washing machines when hand washing clothing was the only way to get them cleaned. Nowadays, most people have automatic machines at home but still choose to hand wash garments that are delicate like wool, silk, and lace, as well as fabrics that cannot be washed in the machine.

Five Important Tips for Handwashing Clothes With Powder Detergent

It might seem as simple as dissolving powder into water and off you go, right? Whilst it is this simple, in principle, there are a few tips to follow that you might not have thought you needed to get the best results from your hand washing experience.

#1 - Follow Care Instructions For Clothing Carefully

Before washing any garment – whether by hand or in the machine - make sure you have read the care instructions for the fabric beforehand. Some fabrics can be both machine and hand washed, whilst others should only be hand washed. Some fabrics should be soaked, and others shouldn’t. Always make sure you’re clear on what the fabric you’re about to wash can and cannot handle.

#2 - Ensure You Use the Correct Handwashing Power Dosage to Avoid Wastage

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Usage instructions are important when using any detergent product. Did you know that you can use too much powder and too little powder, leaving your clothing not as well cleaned and or even causing residue in such cases? Always follow the care instructions properly and measure out the powder correctly before pouring it into the water.

#3 - Wash Your Clothes at the Right Water Temperature

The right water temperature is another vital component of getting the best results from hand washing. For most fabrics using lukewarm water is best but other fabrics should only be washed in cold water. It is most often recommended that you never use hot or boiling water to hand wash clothing because it could harm you (i.e. burn your skin) and the heat can also contribute to clothes shrinking, colour fading or running out and stains sticking due to the high temperatures.

#4 - Avoid Mixing Different Types of Clothes and Fabric

When hand washing, it is best to stick to the same kinds of fabrics being washed at one time. It is not wise to wash your silks with your wool for example. Some fabrics will require the same dosage, washing and care, making it more convenient for you too.

#5 - Always Use Fabric Softener After Washing With Hand Wash Powder

Hand washing powders are considered laundry detergents, and most do not contain fabric softeners. Once you have washed and rinsed your fabrics, it is best to add the fabrics back to a bucket of water that has fabric softener dissolved into it to soften the fabric, lock in the colour and protect the fibres. Adding a fabric softener after hand washing will get you the best results.

How to choose the Right Hand Washing Powder?

When it comes to washing your delicate fabrics and other necessary items by hand, the first step to success is choosing the right washing powder for hand washing. Ask yourself these questions before choosing:

  • What types of fabrics am I going to be hand washing?

  • How often will I need to hand wash? Once a day or once a week?

  • Do I need anything, in addition to stain removal, from a hand washing powder?

  • How sensitive is my skin and am I prone to skin reactions to detergents?

These questions will help make it clearer to you, as to what washing powder for hand washing clothes is going to be best. If you want a hand washing powder range that gives you tough stain removal properties including other great benefits, check out these OMO hand washing products now:

For more laundry tips and tricks for the home, visit Cleanipedia today.


Can I hand wash with washing powder?

When you use hand washing powder, you will be able to get excellent results from hand washing your clothing.

What is the proper way to hand wash clothes?

Always use the right amount of hand washing powder added to a bucket of water to get best results. Make sure the temperature is correct too.

What is the difference between hand washing powder and auto washing powder?

Hand washing powders are formulated for use by hand whilst auto washing powders should be used in washing machines only.

What washing powder is best for hand washing?

We love the OMO range of hand washing powders. Read our blog above to find out more.

How do you hand wash with washing powder?

For tips on the best way to use hand washing powder, read our blog above.

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