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Handy Andy Makes Your Sneakers Sparkling Clean in Minutes

If your sneakers are dirty, there's no need to spend hours scrubbing your sneakers clean - with Handy Andy, they'll be looking like new in just a few minutes!


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Handy Andy Makes Your Sneakers Sparkling Clean in Minutes

Handy Andy is your go-to guy for all your cleaning needs, which includes - believe it or not - cleaning those lived-in sneakers of yours. Many of us own a few prized sneakers that are the pride and joy of our wardrobes. But because we love them so much, it often means we wear them to death. You know you’re not supposed to put sneakers into the washing machine so just how do you get them sparkling clean again? You need to use Handy Andy Cream Cleaner, of course!

How Do You Wash Sneakers Without Ruining Them?

There are some no-no’s when it comes to cleaning sneakers so that you don’t end up ruining them. Here is our list of cleaning trainer don’ts:

  • Don’t soak your sneakers in water.

  • Don’t put sneakers in the washing machine to wash them.

  • Never scrub your shoes with any kind of abrasive products or brushes.

How Do You Clean Sneakers at Home?

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to clean sneakers with Handy Andy Cream Cleaner to clean all sneakers – that includes moms, dads, and the kids’ too;

Note for moms** this process is so easy that anyone in the family will be able to do it. Get your teens and young adults involved by teaching them how to do it and giving them the responsibility of keeping their coolest accessories clean.

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What Can I Use to Clean My Sneakers?

Keen to know what to use as the best way to clean sneakers? Try Handy Andy Cream Cleaner today on your favourite sneakers and see the results for yourself. What’s more, because this product is all-purpose, you’ll be able to clean a wide variety of other surfaces and gadgets in your home too.

How to Keep Your Sneakers Clean and Sparkling Over Time?

  • Once your sneakers are sparkling clean, here are some tips on how to keep them that way:

  • Keep your sneakers in a dry, moist-free area. A cupboard or even in their original box will do fine.

  • If you scuff or drop something on your sneakers, try and clean the area with a little Handy Andy as soon as possible.

Add some baby powder into the sneaker each night to keep odours at bay.

For more laundry tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

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