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Here's Why You Need OMO Auto Washing Powder

It's hard to keep your clothes clean, especially if you have a large family or a busy job. Spending hours trying to remove stains or wash clothes over and over again to get them clean is simply not an option, right?


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Here's Why You Need OMO Auto Washing Powder

Apart from worrying about getting your laundry clean, you also have to worry about the harsh chemicals in traditional detergents. These chemicals can be harmful to both your clothes and your skin.

OMO Auto Washing Powder can help you get through your laundry quickly and easily. This auto-washing powder can be used in both standard and high-efficiency machines and has a wide range of powders to choose from so you’ll be able to find your perfect fit.

Benefits of OMO Auto Washing Powder

OMO is one of the most trusted names in the cleaning business in South Africa, and it has been for years. The OMO range of laundry detergents and cleaning products is synonymous with tough stain removal, whether you’re cleaning your clothing or your bathroom.

When it comes to auto detergents, the OMO Auto Washing Powder range is a powerful cleaning powder range that offers expert stain remover capabilities. Here’s more about why you need OMO machine washing powder in your life:

  • The powder dissolves in water, allowing it to penetrate into the fabric fibres of your laundry removing the toughest of stains.

  • The washing powder leaves a great fragrance on your laundry leaving it gently scented after washing.

  • It’s recommended by some of the leading international machine manufacturers in the world.

OMO Auto Washing Powder Range

OMO offers a range of products to choose from in their auto detergent offering. Try all of these auto-detergent powders to discover which is the best product for you and your family today;

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OMO Auto Washing Powder – just one scoop of OMO Auto powder will penetrate deep into the fibres of your clothing, removing dirt, stains and anything else that’s unwanted.

OMO Auto + Hygiene – new to the OMO range of washing powders, OMO + Hygiene is specifically formulated to get rid of tough stains and at the same time washes away germs for an additional hygienic clean.

OMO Auto with a touch of Comfort Freshness – another new product in the washing powder range offers the cleaning power of OMO Auto with a touch of Comfort for freshness.

How to get the best results from OMO Auto Washing Powder?

We often get asked if you can interchange auto-washing powders with hand-washing powders and vice versa. The answer is no! For best cleaning results, you want to stick to what the product has been formulated for, to avoid ruining both your clothing and your washing machine potentially. When it comes to the OMO Auto Washing Powder range, here’s how easy it is to use;

For front loaders:

  • Place one scoop of OMO Auto Washing powder into the correct dispenser in your machine.

  • Choose the correct washing cycle and temperature for the fabric or clothing you’re washing

  • If you’re not using OMO Auto + Comfort, be sure to add the correct amount of fabric softener to the correct dispenser in the machine too.

  • Once done, hang out in the sunlight to dry.

  • For heavily soiled laundry loads, you can use one and a half scoops of powder.

For top loaders:

  • The process is exactly the same for top loaders, except you add the washing powder into the drum directly before adding a load of laundry in.

How to tell if you’re using too much auto-washing powder?

It is possible to use too much washing powder, and it can actually be detrimental for your clothing. There are a few signs to look out for which will tell you that you’re using too much powder;

  • After washing, your clothing feels slimy or soapy

  • Your clothing can get light brown stains after washing

  • Coloured clothing can appear dull

If any of these happen, the best solution is to pop the clothing back in the washing machine and set it to the rinse cycle again. This should enable the excess powder to be washed out of the fabric. Always follow the usage directions on the OMO Auto packaging, just one scoop is all you need!

What else does OMO offer?

Apart from the powerful cleaning offered by the Auto Powder Detergent range, what else does OMO offer for busy homeowners? Give these products a try next time you’re at your local retailer, we guarantee you won’t be sorry;


Can I use auto washing powder for hand washing?

It’s really best not to. Rather use a hand washing powder for hand washing and stick to auto washing powders for the machine.

What is the difference between hand and auto wash powder?

Hand wash powders have been formulated to foam up well, so that the foam can help to break down dirt and stains while being hand washed.

What is auto washing powder?

Auto washing powders are formulated to be used in washing machines, the powder dissolves in water and the ingredients can get to work removing the toughest stains in the fabric.

How to tell if you’re using too much auto laundry detergent?

Read the blog above for signs that you might be using too much washing powder.

Where do you put the powder in an automatic washing machine?

Front loading washing machines have a detergent dispenser where you will place your washing powder, your pre-wash liquid and your fabric softener. Top loaders require you to add the powder directly into the drum itself.

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