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How Ingredients in Liquid Detergents Work Together to Clean Your Clothes

Have you ever wondered how liquid detergents actually work to clean your clothes? What liquid detergent ingredients work together to enable them to turn your dirty, soiled clothes into clean, fresh smelling ones?


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How Ingredients in Liquid Detergents Work Together to Clean Your Clothes

We take a look at the intricacies behind liquid detergent for clothes, with a special focus on OMO Auto Washing Liquids. What the ingredients in detergent are and how this great product works to remove even the toughest of stains?

What Are the Main Ingredients in Liquid Detergents?

We often take it for granted that we just have to put a capful of our favourite liquid detergent into the washing machine dispenser, put in the dirty clothes, turn it on, and wait for it to be done. But what exactly happens when the liquid clothes detergent comes into contact with your clothing, in order to get them so clean?

When it comes to the range of OMO Auto Washing Liquids, the liquid is able to dissolve easily into the washing machine water. Once dissolved in the water, it creates a powerful stain-removal solution that is able to penetrate deep into the fibres of your clothing. Here’s how:

  • By getting into the fibres of clothing, the liquid laundry detergent ingredients can remove embedded dirt and stains.

  • Once the dirt and stains have been removed and essentially washed out of the fibres, the detergent solution surrounds the dirt in a capsule that is water-repellent.

  • This water-repellent capsule of dirt remains in the water, and away from your clothing.

  • The dirt can then be washed away with water during the washing and rinsing cycle.

Can Liquid Detergents be Used as a Pre-Treatment for Stains?

Thanks to the powerful properties of liquid detergent ingredients and the fact that they work on the stains at a fibre level in the fabric, liquid detergents can be used very successfully as a pre-treatment solution. Here’s how:

  • Add a teaspoon of OMO Auto Washing Liquid directly onto the stained area of clothing

  • Rub it in gently with an old, soft-bristled toothbrush or with your fingers

  • Allow it to soak into the stain for 10 – 15 minutes – longer if the stain was old and dried

  • Wash the clothing as usual in the machine thereafter

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What is in the OMO Auto Washing Liquid Range of Products?

From grass stains to ink stains, OMO Auto Washing Liquid is a great choice for many busy households. They have recently introduced a new range of products too that are designed to really look after the colours of your clothing whilst still offering great stain removal properties.

Here is the list of OMO Auto Washing Liquids that we recommend trying at home today:

OMO Auto Washing Liquid – the original liquid detergent from OMO, is able to remove stains faster than regular washing powders. You are even less liquid than you would powder, so you’re saving both time and money.

OMO Colour Auto Liquid – this new liquid detergent, is specifically formulated to be tough on stains but to keep your clothing colours looking bright and vibrant.

OMO Auto Washing Liquid + Comfort – this powerful combination of OMO liquid and Comfort fabric conditioner, penetrates the fibres of your clothing, removing stains quickly and leaving you with the sensational freshness of Comfort.

How to use liquid detergents for best results?

When it comes to OMO Auto products, they are easy to use in order to quickly take care of all your laundry needs. You just need to separate your clothing first into two piles: lightly soiled clothing and heavily soiled clothing.

For lightly soiled clothes add one capful (or 75ml) of liquid detergent to the detergent dispenser in your washing machine.

For heavily soiled clothes, use a little liquid detergent on the stain directly first (as we’ve explained above) and leave it to soak in as a pre-treatment solution for 15 minutes. Then add a capful of detergent into your washing machine dispenser and wash as normal.


How do detergents clean your clothes?

Using friction and ingredients, the detergent ingredients are able to dissolve into the washing machine water and move easily through the fibres of the fabric to remove stains.

What are the ingredients of laundry detergent?

All laundry detergents contain a range of different ingredients which work to get the tough stains out of your clothing.

How do liquid detergents work?

Liquid detergents dissolve into your washing machine water quicker than powders does, and do not leave as much residue too.

How do detergents work in cleaning dirt on material surfaces and clothes?

Liquid detergents like OMO Auto Washing Liquid penetrates deep into the fibres of the soiled clothing, removing the dirt and stains easily.

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