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How to Bleach Clothes

You’re trying your hand at bleaching for the first time, and you’re really nervous about it. We completely get you! We understand how scary bleaching clothes can be. What if you do something wrong and ruin the garment? What if you use too much and end up burning a whole through your favourite shirt? What if you use too little and waste your time and energy?


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How to Bleach Clothes

At Cleanipedia, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide on all you need to know about how to bleach clothes. We will give you tips for bleaching whites, what to use for colours and darks, and how to work safely with household bleach every time.

Safety Tips for Bleaching Clothes

When working with a product like bleach, it’s advisable to follow some safety tips when using it because, after all, it is a chemical. Most bleaches that can be used in the home will not harm you if you get a little speckle on your skin, but it's advisable to wash it off as soon as possible. Here’s more:

  • Always work with bleach products in open, well-ventilated areas

  • Never mix other substances at all, especially those that contain ammonia

  • When adding bleach to laundry, never put bleach directly onto clothing but rather always follow the correct diluting recommendations

  • If you have sensitive skin or skin that is prone to breakouts or allergic reactions, it would be wise to use gloves when working with bleach.

How to Bleach White Clothes

We highly recommend using OMO Multipurpose Bleach as the best bleach for clothes. It works easily to penetrate into the fabric fibres, lift out the stains, and leave your clothes looking whiter and brighter than ever before.

Here’s how using bleach in the laundry can work simply to bleach your whites:

  • Add ¼ cup of OMO Multipurpose Bleach to a 5l bucket of warm water.

  • Put your stained or yellowed white clothing into the bucket and leave it to soak for 10 – 15 minutes.

  • Rinse the garment well under clean, running water and wring out as much water as possible.

  • Wash normally with OMO Auto Washing Liquid in your washing machine at 30 degrees.

  • Dry the garment in the sunlight, outside for best results.

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How to Bleach Colours and Darks

The rule of thumb is to stay away from bleach products when it comes to coloured or dark clothing. Bleach contains a chemical called chlorine, with the active ingredient in most multipurpose bleach products being sodium hypochlorite which is used to take the colour out of fabric. Read our blogs on How to Keep Your Bright Colour Clothes Bright and Keep Your Dark Clothes Looking Newer for Longer for more information on working with colours and dark clothing.

How to Prevent Your White Clothes from Fading

We’ve got a few simple hacks to use to try and prevent your white clothes from fading, yellowing or greying in the first place.

  • Add half a cup of white vinegar to a load of whitewashing. Add it directly into the drum just before the rinse cycle. This helps keep the whites from fading

  • Always dry your white garments in direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun actually help turn yellow or grey fibres white again.

  • If you have to use a tumble dryer, select the low-temperature option for white clothes.


What’s the best way to bleach clothes?

Using a great product like OMO Multipurpose Bleach will get you the best results when bleaching white clothes.

What are some of the most common mistakes people make when bleaching clothes?

The most common mistakes when bleaching clothes is that people use too much, or too little bleach diluted into water.

How do you bleach clothes without ruining them?

Always follow the correct diluting directions when bleaching clothing. A quarter cup of bleach into a 5L bucket of water is correct.

Do you use hot water or cold water to bleach white clothes?

We recommend using warm water when diluting your bleach and adding your white clothes in.

How much bleach should I put in the water?

A quarter cup of bleach diluted in 5L of water is the correct dosage for bleach white clothes.

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