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How to Brighten Colours While Washing

We’re often spellbound by the brightness of some clothing in the shops, as they hang on the hangers looking bright, brilliant, and sparklingly brand new. Sadly, once you’ve worn and washed them a few times, the colours of some items can begin to dull and fade. Why is this? And, what can be done to stop it happening?


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How to Brighten Colours While Washing

In this blog, We’ll give you tips on habits to start implementing when doing the laundry to help bring the bang back to your brights. We will also give your info on how choosing the right detergent for bright colours can help to keep them bright and even looking brighter after every wash, with Surf.

Tips for Brightening the Colours of Your Clothes.

Simply chucking your bright clothing into a bucket of water and hoping for the best, won’t get you the results you want. However, if you follow these tips and make them habits, you’ll get the benefit of clothing that won’t fade and that will look brighter for longer.

Tip #1 – Turn Inside Out

This works really well for coloured clothing and dark clothing because it allows the most coloured parts of the fabric (the outside, or side that faces out) to be slightly protected during the washing and drying process. Get into the habit of turning your clothes inside out when you take them off at night and before you put them into the laundry basket to save yourself time.

Tip #2 – Soak In Salt Water

This tip pertains to new bright clothing that you’ll be washing for the first time. In a bucket of cold water, add ½ cup of table salt. Mix the water around to allow the salt to dissolve well. Place the bright clothing in the bucket and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. The salt helps to lock in the colour.

Tip #3 - Wash Only When Necessary

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Another habit to get into is only washing your garments when you absolutely need to. If you’ve worn a shirt for a few hours and it isn’t dirty, don’t wash it. Rather hang it in your bedroom to air overnight and you can get another few wears out of it for sure. Constant, regular washing can contribute to colour fading the most.

Tip #4 – Cold Water Only

Hot water is the biggest enemy of colours and darks because the heat of the water makes the fabric fibres stretch and become more porous which can allow the colour to fade out. When washing coloured clothing, always choose the cold wash cycle or use a bucket of cold water when hand washing.

Tip #5 – Pick A Detergent To Brighten Colours

For hand washing, or machine washing, you want to choose a detergent that is going to contribute to brightening your colours. Surf Hand Washing Powders are formulated with whitening technology which not only whitens white clothing but also helps to brighten your colours clothing too.

How Can Surf Brighten Your Colours?

Are you wondering why we recommend Surf as a great detergent for coloured clothing? Well, here’s why:

  • When it comes to hand washing powders, Surf has proved their superiority as the most loved SA brand in hand wash powders since 1959.

  • Surf is formulated with whitening technology where super whitening granules remove yellowness in white clothing and also brighten coloured clothing too.

  • You’ll be able to see the difference in your yellowed and faded clothing in just seven washes with Surf.

Another common washing problem we all struggle with is colour bleeding. Read our blog on How To Prevent Colour Bleeding for more tips and tricks.

For more laundry tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia now.

FAQs on Washing Colourful Laundry

How do you wash dark colours without fading them?

When it comes to bright and dark clothing, follow the tips in our blog to find out the best ways to prevent bright colours from fading.

How do you brighten washed clothes?

When you practice these habits – wash inside out, soak in salt water, wash in cold water, use a good detergent – you’ll get brighter colours in no time.

How do you make dull clothes bright again?

Use Surf Hand Washing powder to make your bright colours brighter in just seven washes.

What detergent makes clothes brighter?

We recommend Surf Hand Washing powder with whitening technology to whiten whites and brighten your brights.

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