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How to clean a front loading washing machine

Washing machines need looking after too! Here’s how to clean your front loading washing machine.


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inside of a front loader washing machine
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How do you clean your washing machine? Or even, do you clean your washing machine? It’s easy to think appliances like washing machines and dishwashers don’t need cleaning – after all, cleaning is what they do best! But like every other household appliance, washing machines need a bit of TLC once in a while.

You may be aware of this if your washing machine smells after washing your clothes. So how do you clean your washing machine? What’s the best way to wash a laundry machine? Our expert tips below advise you on how to clean a smelly washing machine and banish odours from your laundry room.

Appliances that clean needs cleaning too! Use white vinegar to clean inside the drum, and eliminate any odours. Get the outer parts of your washing machine shiny with a powerful cream that removes stubborn dirt or spray that is useful for a quick and easy clean – we like Handy Andy.

How to clean the outside of your washing machine

Let’s begin with the exterior of your washing machine. Creams and spray cleaners like Handy Andy are ideal for cleaning the outside of your machine. Removing dirt and spritzing germs with a fragrant commercial cleaner ensures your washing machine looks and smells its best.

If your washing machine still smells after cleaning the outside, or if there are no visible marks or stains, then the problem is likely coming from the inside of your machine. Read on to find out how to tackle the drum, drawers and seals.

How to clean front loading washing machine

If your washing machine still smells after cleaning the exterior, it’s time to deal with the inside. Here’s how:

  • How to wash laundry machine drums

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Run a hot empty load to clean your washing machine. Running an empty load with white distilled vinegar disinfects and eliminates odours. Pour a cup of white distilled vinegar into the drum, set the temperature to high and press start. Once the load has finished, leave the door open to allow the inside to air dry.

  • How to clean detergent drawers

Remove detergent drawers (check the manual to see how) and soak them in hot soapy water to remove any residue. For stuck-on residue and to get into all those nooks and crannies, try using an old toothbrush.

  • How to clean rubber seals

If your washing machine smells after washing your clothes, and it’s most noticeable when you open the door to load and remove your laundry, the rubber seals may be to blame. Arm yourself with a damp cloth and either soapy water or mildew spray, and get scrubbing. Brace yourself for dirt, grime and even a few stray socks!

So there you have it – how to clean a smelly washing machine and restore its form, functionality and that lovely ‘just washed’ fragrance.

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