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How to Dose For Your Machine: Top loader vs Front Loader

Did you know that if you use too much laundry liquid in your washing machine, it can actually stain your clothing? And, if you use too little your clothing will not get the full cleaning benefits of the liquid and might have to do your laundry load again?


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How to Dose For Your Machine -Top loader vs Front Loader
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You may be wondering what kind of Sunlight laundry detergent to use in your machine. It can be confusing since there are different types of machines, such as top-loading and front-loading machines. Here is a guide on how much Sunlight auto washing powder to use in your machine, depending on whether it is a top loader or front loader.

Let’s first start with the benefits of washing machine powders made by Sunlight.

Benefits of Sunlight Auto Powder

The Sunlight Auto Washing Powder range of products offers both freshness and fragrance in one. There are a variety of additional benefits that this great auto washing machine powder range offers, including:

  • It leaves a fresh, lasting scent after every wash

  • It is a 2in1, which means it combines a washing powder and fabric conditioner in one powder, saving you money on having to buy two different products.

  • It gets rid of dirt and stains easily

  • It leaves your clothing looking and smelling fresh and clean

Now that you understand the benefits of using Sunlight Auto for the whole family’s clothing and fabrics, let’s take a look at how to correctly use and dose this powder for both top-loading and front-loading washing machines.

How to Dose For A Front-Loading Machine

As their name suggests, front loading washing machines are those in which you load the dirty laundry into the drum from the front. The door opens outward from the drum, you push in the load of laundry and close the door again.

When it comes to adding in your detergent, here’s how to do it:

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Most front-loaders have a dispensing drawer which is usually split into three compartments. One for laundry detergent, one for fabric softener and one for any pre-wash detergents you choose to use.

When you use Sunlight Auto Washing Powder. Add the powder to the laundry detergent compartment of the dispenser. Do not add the powder directly into the drum or into any other section of the dispenser.

Add one scoop or 180ml of Sunlight powder into the dispenser for a normal load of washing. For larger loads or more heavily soiled loads, you can increase the dose to one and a half scoops.

How to Dose For A Top-Loading Machine

Top-loaders, also called twin tubs, are designed so that laundry is loaded into the drum from the top. A door at the top of the machine can open up and outward and you are able to place the laundry into the drum from the top. These types of machines are used for families with larger washing needs and even for professional use in some businesses like guest houses or B&Bs.

When it comes to adding in your detergent, here’s how to do it.

Most top loaders or twin tubs do not have a specific detergent dispenser. So, you simply need to add the powder directly into the drum of the machine. We recommend pouring the powder into the drum before loading it with the dirty laundry.

Add one and a half scoops or 270 ml to top loaders for a normal load of washing. For heavily soiled loads, we recommend increasing the dosage to 2 scoops or 360mls of powder.

If you are unsure or want to confirm your understanding, always check the dosage directions on your Sunlight Auto Washing Powder packet for confirmation. Rather be safe than sorry when it comes to the correct dose for powder detergents.

Trust Sunlight for a pure and gentle clean, whether you’re using the Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid, the Sunlight laundry bars, or even the Auto & Handwash Liquid range. Pick up a packet of Sunlight Auto Washing Powder from your local retailer today – you’ll be glad you did.


How much auto powder detergent should I use?

Read the blog above for how much Sunlight Auto Washing Powder to use for both front loading and top loading washing machines.

Why should I follow clothing care labels?

Clothing care labels are really important because they help you to know exactly what kind of care a garment needs, including the temperature of water to use, the type of cycle to wash it on, whether it can be ironed or not, and whether it should be tumble dried or not.

How to use auto powder detergent?

Using Sunlight Auto Washing Powder is a simple enough process, you just need to know what kind of machine you have in order to know where to put the washing powder into correctly.

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