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How to dry clothes fast: 5 easy ways

If you’ve ever wondered how to dry clothes quickly, here are a few no-fuss solutions.



Have you ever left the house in damp clothes because a last-minute load of laundry didn’t dry on time?

Whether you’re frantically packing for a family holiday or you need your favourite outfit for an event organised at short notice, here’s how to get your clothes dry in no time at all

Choose a high spin setting so your clothes are as dry as possible when they come out of the machine. Air flow is key – dry clothes outside or near an open window.

How to dry clothes fast – 5 top tips

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to dry clothes quickly, here are a few no-fuss solutions.

1.     A speedy route to dry clothes fast

If you need clean, dry clothes in a hurry, remember to wash them on a faster cycle using an efficient laundry detergent that gets the job done, like OMO. Use the ‘Eco’ or ‘Fast Wash’ setting on your washing machine (some take as little as half an hour) so that they’re out and drying as soon as possible. Use a high spin setting so that as much water is removed from your clothes as possible.

2.     How to dry your clothes fast in a tumble dryer

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If your clothes are dryer safe, the easy way to dry clothes quickly is to put them in the tumble dryer (on the eco option if possible). There are a few ways to speed up the tumble drying process: dry smaller loads of washing, keep the lint filter empty, or use dryer balls. Dryer balls separate your laundry while it dries, reducing both drying time and creasing which means you’ll spend less time on your ironing too!

3.     How to dry clothes quickly: location, location

Spread your laundry out evenly on a drying rack and place it on, under or next to a source of warmth. This could be a radiator, a boiler or the sun. Turn out any pockets and make sure dense materials like denim are as much heat as possible.

4.     Wherever the wind blows

Air movement will also speed up the drying process, so let clothes dry outside or near an open window. If you’re in a real hurry, blast them with a hairdryer, rotating frequently and airing out pockets, sleeves and collars. Yet another easy way to dry clothes fast!

5.     How to dry your clothes fast with towels

Use fresh towels to dry hand washed garments. Lay the item of clothing on a large towel, roll up the towel with the garment inside and twist to wring out excess water. You could also place items one by one on an ironing board, laying a thin towel on top. Iron the towel firmly using a high heat. This channels warmth into the fabric and allows the towel to absorb some of the moisture.

Next time life catches you out and you need dry clothes in a hurry, simply turn to these easy solutions. Panic over! 

Key steps

  • Wash on a fast, high spin cycle using an efficient detergent like OMO

  • Hang clothes on a drying rack and place near a heat source

  • Place clothes where there’s a flow of air – either outside or by an open window

  • Load small piles into a tumble dryer with dryer balls

  • Use clean towels to dry hand washed garments

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