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How to get the most out of your laundry bar soap

To keep your clothes spotlessly clean, you want a laundry solution that’s easy to use, long-lasting, budget-friendly and always effective. For stubborn stains on clothes, laundry bar soaps have long been trusted as the go-to laundry detergent to effectively tackle tough stains on a variety of different fabric types.


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How to get the most out of your laundry bar soap

While laundry bar soaps can effectively get rid of stains on clothes, if not used correctly, they can result in the laundry bar cleaning less effectively and having a shorter product life. A poorly performing laundry bar soap can lead to laundry loads that still have dirt residue and stains. And with a shorter product life, you’ll have to continuously buy more laundry bars or other detergents which can be costly and break your budget.

To save you money and the hassle of having to rewash your laundry, Cleanipedia is sharing 3 top tips on how to use your laundry bar soap the right way to effectively remove stains. Let’s explore.

What is Laundry Bar Soap?

Laundry bar soap is a simple, convenient and quick way to get your clothes spotlessly clean. Laundry bars are laundry detergents that are often formulated with a variety of raw materials that are then moulded and cut into bar shapes. The unique formulation of ingredients in laundry bar soaps is what gives them their effective cleaning power, enabling you to get rid of tough stains with ease. Keeping clothes clean with laundry bar soap is a long-standing laundry solution, with soaps like the Sunlight Laundry Green Bar having stood the test of time as millions of South African’s go-to method for effective stain removal.

With a rich formulation that delivers an exceptional clean every time, you can trust Sunlight laundry bar soaps for brilliantly clean clothes with every wash. However, achieving a brilliantly clean load of laundry when using bar soap, and any detergent for that matter, requires that you use the detergent correctly. So here are 3 tips to help you make the most of your laundry bar soap!

3 Tips to Use Your Laundry Bar Soap the Right Way

  1. First, wet your laundry bar: When washing a load of laundry with bar soap, it’s important to wet the laundry bar first before applying it to your garments. Wetting the bar soap first will help to create a rich lather that will make the soap spread more easily and work more effectively.

  2. Store your bar soap correctly: Storing your laundry bar soap properly between uses is essential to prevent the bar from softening, wearing away and breaking down. So always store your Sunlight bar in a dry area away from direct moisture or heat. You can also use a quality soap dish with drainage to store your laundry bar.

  3. Don’t let your soap sit!: Similarly to storing your laundry bar soap correctly, it’s important to not let the bar detergent sit in water as this will cause it to become soft and dissolve. So again, make sure you store your laundry soap either on a soap dish with drainage or on a dry surface away from the sun and moisture.

With these tips, you can extend the life of your Sunlight laundry bar, enabling it to last longer so that you can enjoy more loads of brilliantly clean laundry and save on laundry detergent costs. For fabulously clean clothes with every wash though, it’s essential to use the proper steps to effectively wash your clothes with a laundry bar.

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How to Use Laundry Bar Soap the Right Way

  • First, soak your clothing in either cold or warm water, depending on the recommendations on the clothing label for the fabric type.

  • Wet the Sunlight soap bar and apply it directly to any stains, grease and dirt.

  • Rub the fabric gently to create a lather.

  • Then rinse your garments after washing to remove any soap residue, and enjoy spotlessly clean laundry!

With the right care and proper usage, your Sunlight laundry bar soap will last and last and leave your laundry brilliantly clean with every wash. Follow these tips and visit Cleanipedia to learn more about ways to keep your clothes spotlessly clean.


How do you do laundry with bar soap?

To effectively clean your clothes with the Sunlight Laundry bar, simply soak your garments in cold or warm water, then apply the Sunlight bar directly to the stains. Gently rub the fabric to create a lather then rinse to remove soap residue and you’re done!

Can I wash a shirt with bar soap?

Yes, you can wash a shirt and any other kinds of clothing with a bar soap like the Sunlight Laundry bar which works effectively to leave delicate fabrics, shirts, cuffs and collars brilliantly clean.

Can you liquify a bar soap?

Yes, you can liquify a bar soap.

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