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How to Sort Clothes for Laundry Like a Pro

This is a guide about sorting out your laundry. Read more


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Sort Out Your Laundry Like a Pro

Colour? Weight? Temperature? Our laundry sorting ideas will turn you into a laundry connoisseur!

Have you ever wondered how to sort clothes for washing? There’s a laundry sorting system to suit every household. Different techniques work for different people in various stages of life – so what works for a young couple might not be ideal for a family of five.

Here are a few laundry sorting ideas to get you started, and turn you into a laundry connoisseur!

Choosing a laundry sorting system based on your unique household needs. As a rule, you should wash sheets and towels on high heat and clothes in colder temperatures, using a detergent like Skip that delivers brilliant cleaning in cold water.

Separating Clothes for Laundry

Whether you settle on sorting clothes by colour or choose a laundry sorting system based on material or garment type, separating clothes for laundry is vital to achieve the best results. Here are some tips on how to sort clothes for washing:

  • Sorting clothes by colour – The most popular method for separating clothes. Sort your laundry pile into whites, lights and darks to eliminate the risk of colour bleeding and to prevent whites from becoming grey and dull.

  • By temperature – Towels and bed sheets should be blasted with hot water to get rid of dust mites, germs and bacteria. However, high temperatures can cause fabrics to fade, so if you want your clothes to look like new for longer, wash them in cold or tepid water. Choose a detergent like Skip Liquid Detergent which delivers effective cleaning in cool temperatures.

  • By material – Consider separating laundry by fabric type. Separate cotton, linen, synthetics and delicates. Exercise particular caution with delicates, which should be put on a low spin cycle or placed in a mesh bag for protection. You could even hand wash them using lukewarm water and a gentle hand washing detergent.

  • By weight – Garment weight should also be considered. Clothes made from heavier materials can damage thinner, lightweight clothes in the drum. Jeans are particularly renowned for being tough on other garments.

  • By purpose – Separate dusty, dirty or soiled work gear from your regular clothes, particularly anything delicate or made from wool.

Remember to always check the care labels, especially on any new additions to your wardrobe. If in doubt, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  

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Additional Laundry Sorting Ideas

There’s no such thing as too many laundry tips! Here are a few additional laundry sorting ideas to keep your clothes, linens and towels in great condition.

  1. Sort your laundry as you put it in the hamper. Have a system in place, such as one basket for whites, one for colours, one for heavy-duty work clothes, etcetera.

  2. Wash towels separately from clothes, especially if they’re new. Fluffy towels are great – fluffy clothes are not so great.

  3. On the subject of towels, scrape off any food residue from tea towels before putting them in with your other towels and washcloths.

  4. Woollen items of clothing must be washed on the ‘woollens’ setting if your machine has one, or delicates if not. Be careful not to overload your machine – often just a few woollen garments constitutes a full load.

Finished sorting? Here’s one final tip – sort your laundry into small piles ready for the washing machine. It’s tempting to squish everything into one load and get your laundry done in one go. However, overloading your machine can result in poor cleaning, and can even damage your clothes or washing machine.

Separating clothes for laundry doesn’t have to be hard work – it’s simply a matter of incorporating it into your household routine.

Key Steps:

Sort your laundry like a pro with these no-fuss tips. Choose a laundry sorting system that suits your household and lifestyle Separate your washing by colour, weight, temperature, material or purpose – or a combination of these Sort your washing when placing dirty clothes in your laundry baskets to save time on laundry day Wash towels separately from clothes, particularly if they’re new or heavy duty

For more laundry care tips, visit Skip today.

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