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How to use Handy Andy to Clean Shoes

Learn how to clean every type of shoe using these simple steps & Handy Andy. Whether they're leather or suede, we'll show you how to make them look new again.


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How to use Handy Andy to Clean Shoes

Clean your shoes quickly and effortlessly with Handy Andy Cream Cleaner. The ultimate guide to cleaning shoes whether they’re stained or just lightly soiled. Handy Andy isn’t a product that’s commonly associated with the best way to clean shoes, but incredibly it can. All you need is to follow a few easy steps and you’ll have almost-new-looking shoes in minutes. If you want to know more about cleaning different types of shoes, check out our article on How to Clean and Care for Shoes at Home. Follow these quick steps to effective steps to clean shoes at home. If you do these steps regularly, most especially if you’ve taken your shoes out for a night on the town, to the dog park, or dropped some spills on them, you’ll keep your shoes looking cleaner and newer for longer.

#1 - Remove Excess Dirt This step is a given really, because you can’t exactly begin cleaning your shoes if they’re caked in mud, right? Keep a soft brush handy to use as a shoe cleaner that can remove excess dirt and mud from the shoes. Make sure it's dry and not made of anything abrasive.

#2 - Wipe Away the Dirt Spray or squirt a small amount of Handy Andy onto the shoes. Use a damp, soft cloth to wipe away any remaining dirt or stains.

#3 - Repeat if Necessary For stubborn stains or areas that need extra attention, you might need to repeat step number

#4 - Let Them Dry Before putting your shoes on or back into the cupboard, let them dry completely. If you put slightly damp shoes in a dark place, it might encourage them to get musty and smell.

Have you got a pair of sneakers that are your absolute favourite? You’re keen to clean them but don’t want to ruin them? We've got you covered.

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Check Out These Frequently Asked Questions:

How do You clean shoes without damaging them?

We’re often asked how to wash shoes at home without damaging them? The key with most shoe types is not to wash them as much as clean them. Soaking shoes in water is a no-no and can lead to them being permanently damaged. You want to use a minimal amount of cleaning product and rub them clean before wiping them down.

Can I put shoes in the washing machine?

Ideally no. Some are happy to throw their running shoes in the washing machine, but it’s not advisable to do so. Rather follow our cleaning and care guide on how to clean shoes properly for best results.

Can I dry my shoes with a hairdryer?

If you’re in a hurry and need to get your shoes dry before you head out, you can absolutely use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. Don’t bring the hairdryer too close to the shoe though and use it on the lowest heat setting.

Can I wash my shoes with my clothes?

You run the risk of damaging both your shoes and your clothes if you wash them together. Clothing fibres can break down when subjected to too much friction, which could be the case when being washed with heavier shoes.

Should I wash my shoes in hot or cold water?

How to wash your shoes in the sink? Rather don’t submerge your shoes in water – hot or cold. When wiping your shoes down, use a soft cloth that has been dampened with warm water to clean your shoes.

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