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How to Use OMO Liquid Detergent

Ever wondered how to use Liquid Detergent? Well, we have come up with some handy tips to help you on your way.


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How to use OMO Liquid Detergents

Laundry is part of our daily life, there are no two ways about it. So, naturally, anything that’s going to make this chore go quicker is a bonus, right? Whether you are a tired mom of three or a single workaholic, making time to spend with friends or family is always a priority. With OMO Liquid Detergent you can easily do a small load, saving you time, money and electricity.

If you are a parent, you’ll understand the frustration of waiting to see what your kids look like when they come home from school or a play date. It’s inevitable that their clothing will be stained and most likely, heavily soiled. OMO loves to encourage outdoor and messy play and with OMO Liquid Detergent you never need to worry about getting their clothes clean again. Let them play in the mud, let them paint, let them enjoy the great outdoors and let OMO deal with the dirt.

How to Use Liquid Detergent

The benefit of using OMO liquid detergent is that it is also great for pre-treating stubborn stains ● Apply a small amount of your liquid detergent directly onto the fabric and rub gently ● Measure out your liquid and then add your laundry to the machine ● Select a suitable wash cycle and temperature

Where to Put Detergent in the Washing Machine

It couldn’t be simpler. If you have a top loader, start by filling your machine with water, then add the correct amount of liquid to the machine allowing it to dissolve evenly before you add your laundry. Once you have sorted the clothes you can add your pile of laundry to your machine. With a front loader, every machine has a specific laundry detergent dispenser in which to pour the detergent.

How Much to Dose?

The use of liquid detergent is simple and many people love using it, however many people tend to use too much. So how much is the correct amount to use? Always refer to the packaging before you start because it will advise you on just how much liquid detergent per load to use for maximum results.

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OMO Auto Liquid Detergent is concentrated, therefore allowing you to use less for great results. After all, using too much can result in damaging clothing items and waste of your product. After all, in these trying financial times, saving where you can is non-negotiable.

Getting the Most Out of Your Liquid Detergent

OMO Auto Liquid Detergents are super easy to use as they dissolve quickly in water. There are other liquid detergent uses making it a wonderful all-round product for busy individuals and families, alike. Here’s what else you can do with the OMO Auto Liquid Detergent range:

Soak kids' toys to remove dirt and grime

Handy to remove stubborn carpet stains

OMO does not only have one product to choose from when it comes to liquid detergents either. Choose from any one of these three great product options to find your favourite;

OMO Auto Washing Liquid

OMO Colour Auto Liquid

OMO Auto Liquid with a Touch of Comfort

Remember that OMO Auto Liquid Detergents are packaged in 100% recyclable bottles making it the best choice for the planet. They are also so easy to store and transport as they have an easy-to-close lid. It couldn’t be easier and less messy. Because you only need one capful of liquid soap per wash, you will actually end up using less. This results in the bottle lasting longer and you saving money. What more could you ask for?


How to use liquid detergent?

Simply add the correct amount of liquid per load. Read our blog above for more information.

Can you use liquid laundry detergent for hand wash?

You can but we rather recommend using OMO Hand Washing Powder for hand washing requirements.

Do you put liquid detergent in before or after clothes?

For best results in a top loader, you add liquid before your laundry. Whereas on your front loader its best to add the liquid into the compartment available.

How much washing liquid should I use?

This depends on load size but for a standard washing machine you should use one capful. For best results always refer to the packaging instructions.

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