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How To Wash A Wedding Dress

When you have a wedding dress made or you buy one, it is not simply a dress but rather fabric filled with hopes and dreams of a future full of love. Keeping your wedding dress as beautiful as the first day you wore it, is important for most brides. However, they are delicate garments often made of lots of intricate fabric and beading, so you’re going to want to make sure you wash it properly.


How to wash a wedding dress

Thanks to OMO, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to wash a wedding dress at home to remove stains, prevent damage, and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Plus, tips on how to store your dress safely so it’s kept in mint condition for the next generation.

5 Steps To Washing A Wedding Dress Like A Pro

If you follow these five easy steps on how to wash a wedding dress, you’ll have your wedding dress washed and dry before you know it. Plus, it’ll look as gorgeous as it did on your wedding day.

Step #1 – Find The Perfect Spot

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that you can’t just throw your delicate wedding dress into the washing machine, right? The ideal place to wash your dress at home is in the bathtub. It’s spacious enough to be able to wash your dress laid out flat.

Step #2 – Pre-Treat Stains

From that dark rim around the seam of the skirt (from hours of dancing into the night) to red wine stains and other spillages, you’re definitely going to have to pre-treat a few stains on your dress before washing it. Just remember to never let bleach or a product with bleach in it near your wedding dress.

Step #3 – Wash With Care

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Using a good hand washing powder like OMO Hand Washing Powder, mix around ½ cup of powder into a bathtub of cold water. Make sure you mix the water around well with your hand to dissolve the powder. Place your dress gently down flat into the water and push all areas of fabric down under the water. Leave for 1 hour to soak before gently hand washing it. Use OMO Hand Washing Powder with a Touch of Comfort, because you’re getting the stain removal power of OMO with the gentle and Comfort fragrance.

Step #4 – Rinse and Pat Dry

Rinse the washed dress under cold running water until you feel it is well-rinsed. Lay a large towel (like a beach or bath towel) onto the floor and place the dress onto it. Pat the dress dry with a towel to get rid of any excess water.

Step #5 – Air Dry Away From Direct Sunlight

If the weather permits it, place the dress on a padded hanger and hang it outside to air dry in natural light. Keep it away from direct sunlight though, so why not hang it out on the patio where it can get air and light but not get ruined by direct sunlight?

How to properly store a wedding dress?

Once your dress has dried well – and we mean, well – it’s time to put it away for safekeeping. The essential element when storing a wedding dress is to keep it away from air and light. Both air and light can cause your dress to fade and the fabric to become brittle and damaged over time. You’re probably storing your dress for years to come, so it’s best to do it properly to avoid disappointment.

The best way to store a wedding dress is in an air-tight bag or box that can be vacuum sealed. Keep it in a dry, dark cupboard like your wardrobe and never keep it in a room that experiences temperature fluctuations like the garage or attic.

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How to wash a wedding dress?

Read our blog above for all the steps to washing your wedding dress like a pro.

How to properly store a wedding dress?

A wedding dress should be stored in an air-tight bag or container and kept in a dry, dark cupboard.

Can you dry clean a wedding dress?

In most cases, yes. If you would prefer to dry clean your wedding dress, take it to your local professional cleaners and ask if they are willing and able to help you.

How do you wash a lace wedding dress?

Read our blog above for all the steps to washing your wedding dress like a pro.

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