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Washing net curtains

Net curtains need regular cleaning to keep them looking their best. Read our guide for advice on how to wash yours!


how to wash net curtains

When it comes to net curtains, you’d be surprised at how much dust and dirt these handy coverings can hold. Unsurprisingly, net curtains can accumulate a great deal of dust and dirt over time; they not only capture dust and debris coming through the window from outside, but also come into contact with our hands as we open and close them.

Net curtains will need an occasional wash to restore the colour and quality of the material. However, what many of us are unsure of is exactly how to wash net curtains safely and effectively. For those of you who are struggling with this, worry no longer: we’ve written a simple step-by-step guide to getting your net curtains smelling fresh and looking spotless!

If you’re wondering how to get net curtains white, you can slip a little bleach into the wash to keep them looking their best! Just add a small amount in with your usual detergent, following the instructions on the label to ensure you have the correct dosage. It’s as easy as that!

How to Clean Net Curtains

1. Remove your curtains from the window

Carefully remove the rod from the wall and slide the curtain off the rod.

2. Pre-treat any stains

Certain stains can prove to be rather resistant to a regular wash, so it is best to pre-treat any stains when washing net curtains. Some quality laundry brands, such as OMO, offer liquid detergents that are easy to use as a pre-treatment and usually deliver fantastic results. Always check and follow the instructions on the label of your chosen product before application to ensure that this method is suitable, and test a small inconspicuous area first.

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Apply your chosen product onto the stain, making sure you also apply a little onto the reverse side of the stain. Never rub the curtain together in attempt to remove the stain, as this will cause the mark to spread further.

3. Put your washing machine on the right setting for washing net curtains

To get net curtains white, you should set the washing machine on a delicate cycle, with a cool temperature. Check the label to select the right dosage. Using a quality washing detergent will help you to remove stains at lower temperatures.

4. Dry your net curtains

Once you have finished washing net curtains, the easiest method to dry them is to place them back onto the rod and let them dry evenly and naturally. Before doing so, however, it is best that you clean the window so that your fresh net curtains don’t pick up any dirt. Once the window has been cleaned, all that’s left is to slip the curtain back onto the rod to dry.

The curtain may drip slightly whilst drying – leave towels down underneath, or keep an eye out to avoid slipping. Net curtains shouldn’t be dried in a tumble dryer, as this will cause the material to shrink.

Washing net curtains doesn’t have to be difficult: the steps above should leave your curtains smelling fresh and looking great in no time.

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