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How to Wash White Clothes by Hand

Even though bleach is a great product for sanitising and whitening areas in the home, and can be used for laundry too, it is not always the right product to use for whitening white clothes.


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When it comes to washing all manner of white clothing like underwear and shirts, and apparel like shoes what is the best product to use?

Surf Hand Washing Powder is perfect for keeping your whites looking clean and bright. This detergent is specially formulated to remove dirt and stains without using harsh chemicals like bleach.

We look at this great hand-washing powder, how it works, and how to use it to get the best results on your white clothing.

How Does Surf Hand Washing Powder Work?

Surf has been a household name in South African for many years, and it’s always been known as a washing powder that gets the job done. In their range of washing powders for hand wash, they have included even more whitening power than ever before.

Active Bright technology in Surf washing powders uses whitening granules to deliver super whiteness, wash after wash. These little granules penetrate the fibres of the white clothing and help to remove any yellowing of dullness in the fabric

How to Hand Wash a White Shirt?

If you have a delicate white shirt or your work shirts that are white and you want to keep them that way, the best way to do it is to hand wash it. When hand washing clothes like cotton or poly-cotton shirts, here’s how to do it best:

  • First pre-treat the shirt. Find the dirtiest spots on the shirt – which you’ll usually find on the cuffs and collar – as well as any stained areas and add a pre-treatment liquid to the stain. Leave for 10 – 15 minutes to soak in.

  • In a bucket of room temperature water, add a scoop full of Surf Hand Washing Powder and dissolve it well in the water.

  • Put the shirt into the water and leave it to soak for an hour or two.

  • Using soft, circular motions, rub the shirt in between your hands. Using a little bit for rubbing force on the dirtiest parts.

  • Rinse well under cold water and hang out to dry in direct sunlight.

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How to Hand-Wash White Pants?

It is very brave to wear white pants and not worry about getting them dirty. If you do though, don’t worry, because Surf hand wash laundry powder has got you covered! Here’s how:

  • Spot clean or pre-treat any stained areas of the pants, paying particular attention to the cuff of the pants that may have been dragging on the floor.

  • As with a white shirt, mix a solution of water and Surf hand washing powder in a bucket. Allow the pants to soak in the water for at least an hour or two. If your pants are particularly soiled or very yellow, you can even leave them to soak overnight.

  • Wash by hand using gentle rubbing motions, making sure you get into the creases of the pants and give a good rub to areas of the pants that are the dirtiest.

  • Rinse well under cold water and hang out to dry in direct sunlight.

How to Wash White Underwear by Hand?

Hand washing white underwear is probably the most common type of hand washing that occurs in most South African households. Many delicate under garments are made of lace and silk, and therefore should be hand washed very carefully to avoid stretching or tearing them. Here’s how:

  • Gently soak your underwear in warm water for a few hours first.

  • In a bucket of warm water, add a scoop of Surf Hand Washing Powder and dissolve in the water.

  • Place your underwear in the bucket and allow to soak for a further hour or two.

  • Gently hand wash your underwear, being sure not to pull, stretch or tear it while you are gently rubbing the fabric.

  • Rinse well under cold water and hang out to dry in direct sunlight.

How to Wash White Sneakers by Hand?

White sneakers are known to get dirty notoriously quickly. We recommend giving your white sneakers a clean with these tips once a week, so avoid them from getting too dirty and becoming too hard to clean.

  • Wipe down your sneakers first with a damp, clean cloth to clear off any excess dirt and grime

  • Mix a paste of Surf Hand Washing Powder and water.

  • Using an old, soft toothbrush gently rub the paste all over your shoes.

  • Rinse off the paste with a damp, clean cloth and leave the sneakers outside to air dry for the day.

For more clothing care tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia now.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Wash White Clothes by Hand

What temperature do I wash white clothes in?

It is ideal to always hand wash your clothing in lukewarm or tepid water. Cold water is also acceptable but try to avoid hot water.

How to whiten white clothes by hand?

If you’re wondering how to hand wash clothes with powder detergent, the best way to do it is to follow our tips above and always use Surf Hand Washing Powder.

How do you get old white clothes white again?

Surf Hand Washing Powder has whitening granules to penetrate the fabric and turn your dull or yellow white clothes whiter.

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