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Is Handwashing Better for Your Clothes?

Handwashing is an essential part of laundry, especially because some fabrics are better suited to being hand-washed than machine washed. But does handwashing increase the longevity of clothes?


Is Handwashing Clothes Better for your Laundry

In today’s “faster is better” way of life, many people think handwashing clothes will take too long. However, handwashing is an essential part of laundry in general, especially because some fabrics benefit more from being handwashed than machine washed.

Another important point is that if you handwash laundry that should be washed that way, you’re actually extending the longevity of the fabric and ensuring you have a wearable garment for many more years to come.

Here’s a little guide on which fabrics absolutely should be hand washed and our top tips for handwashing clothes at home:

Is Hand Washing Clothes Effective?

Handwashing was the only mode of washing clothing up until 1691 when the first rudimentary washing machine was created. Handwashing still has a place in many people’s laundry routines in South Africa because of a variety of factors;

  • For people who don’t have electricity, handwashing is the only washing option

  • For certain fabrics, handwashing is the only way to clean the garment

  • For people who prefer handwashing over machine washing to save electricity and be more eco-friendly

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How Long Should You Handwash Clothes?

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Fabrics like delicate silk, wool and cashmere benefit greatly from being hand washed and in some cases, will be ruined if they are machine washed. When handwashing clothes, you should ideally let the garments soak in a tub of cold or lukewarm water (depending on the fabric) with a good handwash laundry detergent.

Here are our top tips for handwashing clothes for the best results:

  • Always check the care label of a garment to determine whether it should be hand washed or not. Some fabrics can be handwashed or machine washed, but some can only be hand washed

  • Never use hot water when handwashing as it can damage the delicate fibres of certain fabrics

  • Use the correct amount of handwash liquid or powder and never exceed the amount that is recommended

  • After rinsing, soak your garments in a tub of water and a good fabric conditioner to soften clothing, get rid of static cling and prevent bobbling

Want to know what we recommend as the best detergent for handwashing clothes? The Surf Handwash Powder, which has been created with pine essential oil to help keep your hand washed clothes looking newer and brighter for longer.

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