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Liquid Detergents - Clean With No Residue

Detergent residue doesn't have to be a problem. Here is how:


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Liquid Detergents - Clean With No Residue
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Liquid Detergents - Proven to Clean With No Residue

We've all experienced it, those irritating white, powdery streaks on clothes, left over from the washing machine. The most common reason as to why detergent residue on clothes is left behind when using a washing machine, is because the powder detergent has not properly dissolved. Here’s how to say goodbye to detergent residue on clothes after washing, for good, as well as a few other hacks to prevent detergent build-up.

What is the Best Laundry detergent That Doesn't Leave Residue?

It’s commonly known that powder detergents can leave streaks and residue behind on clothes. That’s why we highly recommend switching to a top-quality liquid laundry detergent like Skip. Skip Liquid Detergent is formulated to dissolve properly in water, allowing it to penetrate deep into the fibres of the fabric for a better clean, a better shape, and a better colour. Here are a few more reasons why Skip Liquid Detergent is superior to a powder detergent:

  • Skip liquid does not leave laundry detergent residue behind on clothing.

  • Skip liquid doesn't clump up like powder detergents can.

  • Skip liquid can be applied directly to stains on clothing to act as a pre-wash stain remover.

Does Liquid Detergent Leave Residue on Clothes?

Commonly, no. Liquid detergent dissolves easily in water, enabling it not to leave streaks behind. If you are using a great product like Skip and are still seeing detergent left on clothes, check for these other reasons for the build-up:

  • Are you using too much fabric softener?

  • Have you cleaned the drum and dispenser of your washing machine well?

  • Are you washing your dark clothing on a cold wash cycle?

For more information on why to buy Skip laundry detergent for your home, visit Skip today.

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