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Low Residue Hand Washing Powder

Isn’t it annoying when you are hand washing your clothing and the washing powder leaves residue on your clothes? Are you worried that the residue could damage them or be harmful to your skin?


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Low Residue Hand Washing Powder

Cleanipedia has the answer! We have a variety of low-residue detergents that will make sure your clothes come out clean and residue-free. We love the OMO range of Hand Washing Powder, they offer powerful cleaning properties and can remove the toughest stains, without leaving residue on your hands or clothing.

Read on to learn more about OMO low-residue detergent!

What is a Low Residue Washing Powder?

A hand wash powder that is low residue is a washing detergent that does not leave residue on your clothing. If there is the residue left on your clothing, it can leave your clothes feeling soapy and even leave them stained too.

Ideally, you want to find a laundry detergent for hand washing that does not create too much residue and is better for your clothing. But the question is, how to find it? At Cleanipedia, we love the OMO Hand Washing Powder range because it is a low residue, and is tough on stains.

Benefits of OMO Hand Washing Powder

When it comes to a powder laundry detergent that doesn’t leave a residue, the OMO range of hand wash powders dissolve instantly in water to penetrate into your clothes and reach the toughest stains like oil and mud. Here’s why we love the Hand Wash Powder range from OMO:

  • OMO is great for oily, dirty stains on collars and cuffs

  • Great for kid’s clothing especially grass and mud stains and needs less scrubbing

  • It penetrates clothing fibres to fight stubborn stains.

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The OMO range of low-residue detergents offers a wide selection to consumers who like to hand wash their clothes. From busy parents of outdoor kids to active singles who want to need a powerful cleaning detergent, OMO has you covered. Choose one of these great products to try in your home today.

How to use OMO Hand Washing Powder

Using OMO Hand wash powders has never been easier, you simply need water and a little bit of elbow grease to get the job done, brilliantly. Here’s how:

  • Fill a bucket of water (approximately 5l) with clean, warm water.

  • Add one scoop of hand wash powder to the water. Swirl it around to make sure the powder dissolves well and to create a foam.

  • Add your clothing to the water and leave to soak for 10 – 15 minutes.

  • Using the foam, scrub the dirty, stained areas of the clothing first like the cuffs, collars and any stubborn stains. Then give the entire garment a good wash

  • Rinse the clothing under cold, running water to clean it.

  • Hang out to dry on your washing line in the sun.

Are you wondering if using hand washing powder in the machine is possible? The short answer is no. Hand washing powder is formulated to foam up because the foam is then used to penetrate into the dirty clothing and remove the stains. If you use hand wash powder in a machine you run the risk of damaging your machine by clogging it, and possibly ruining your clothing too.

For all your machine-washing needs, try the OMO Auto Washing Powder range of products which are, in fact, recommended by leading machine manufacturers like LG, Samsung & Bosch.

What to do if my clothing has residue on it?

If you’ve been using a hand wash powder that isn’t low residue, you might be sitting with soapy, slimy clothing. You can’t possibly wear the clothing, so what do you do now? To get rid of powder residue on clothing, the quickest way is to rinse and rinse again!

Put your clothing back into a bucket of clean, warm water. Allow the clothing to soak. Scrub if necessary and then rinse the clothing and wring out. If the clothing is still slimy, you may have to repeat this process a few times to get rid of the residue.

Choose OMO Hand Washing Powders for a low-residue detergent that is tough on stains, gentle on your skin and perfect for your clothing.


Does powder detergent leave residue?

If you choose to use a hand wash powder that is not low residue you may get residue on your clothing. If you use too much powder than is directed, you may get residue on your clothing too.

What laundry detergent leaves the least residue?

OMO Hand Wash Powder is a low residue powder that is tough on stains.

Why does my washing machine leave residue on my clothes?

If you use too much washing powder – more than the recommended usage amount – you run the risk of having a residue build up in your machine which can stain your clothing.

Is hand washing better than washing in the machine?

Not necessarily, both hand washing and machine washing are powerful ways to clean clothes.

What is the best way to remove residues on clothes?

Make sure you rinse your clothing several times to get rid of residue and choose to use a low residue hand wash powder like OMO.

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