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Pre-holiday washing & packing tips

Follow our fool-proof packing tips and learn how to pack a suitcase and keep clothes fresh before a holiday. Click to read more.


Pre-holiday washing & packing tips

Getting ready for a holiday can be quite exciting … until it comes to packing the suitcase. We all have the best of intentions when it comes to this pre-holiday ritual, but all too often we end up shoving everything into a bag the night before we depart!

To help save you the last-minute stress, we’ve put together these essential packing tips. We’ve also included some washing advice to make sure your clothes arrive as fresh as when you packed them.

Start your trip with a suitcase of fresh, soft clothing by using a good quality laundering product like OMO Auto with Comfort Freshness for your pre-holiday washing.

How to pack a suitcase?

When packing a suitcase, there are two main things you want to consider:

  1. How can you spread weight evenly to make your case easier to carry, and protect breakable items; and

  2. How can you make sure your clothes stay as neat and tidy as possible during transit.

Our packing tips will take care of the first question, while our pre-holiday washing advice will answer the second.

Suitcase packing tips

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Before you start popping clothes into your case, you need to think about what you need to take and how you can fit it all in without exceeding your airline’s weight allowance.

Follow these tips to help you:

  • Check your baggage allowance. Make sure you know how many bags you can take, and how much they can weigh so you don’t get any nasty surprises at the airport.

  • Make a packing list. Plan what you’re going to take according to the climate of your destination. Try and pick versatile items of clothing that you can use in different outfits rather than taking one specific ensemble for each day or night.

  • Pack smart. Rolling clothes for packing a suitcase is one of the oldest packing tips around. This can help minimise creasing and use space more efficiently

  • Think about what you’re wearing for the journey. If you have heavier items, like thick jumpers or walking boots, that can’t be easily packed then wear them on your departure!

  • Build your holiday wardrobe around staples. To save space and avoid bringing things you don’t end up wearing, make sure every item of clothing you pack goes with at least two outfits. Rolling clothes that go together when packing can also save time when it comes to unpacking at the other end.

  • Pack essentials in your hand luggage. It’s always a good idea to have some ‘just in case’ items packed in your hand luggage, in the unlikely event that your baggage gets lost on the way. When rolling clothes to pack in your hand luggage, make sure you include underwear, swimsuit, sun cream, flip flops and a light scarf or sarong.

  • Don’t pack unnecessary items. You may be able to use a hairdryer at the hotel where you’re staying, or buy cheap shampoo when you’re abroad. Check the facilities of your hotel before packing bulky, and unnecessary, items.

  • Leave enough room for souvenirs! If you want to bring back presents for family and friends, save a few centimetres of space for the way home. To protect these items during the return journey, try placing them in the middle of T-Shirts and other items before rolling clothes to pack.

Pre-holiday washing advice

It’s all very well neatly rolling clothes to pack in your suitcase but what if they arrive with unexplained marks or smelling less than fresh? Nobody wants their holiday wardrobe to feel tired before they’ve even worn it so make sure you follow our pre-holiday washing tips:

  • Wash all your clothes before packing. Make sure you iron them too and remember to keep material as flat as possible when rolling clothes to pack and avoid creases.

  • Pack light clothing inside out. This can prevent any marks or stains occurring.

  • Wrap shoes in plastic bags. This can stop any dirt from transferring to your clothes. You can also buy a pack of disposable shower caps and fit them over the soles.

  • Keep dirty laundry separate when coming home. That way you’ll know what needs washing, and what doesn’t.

  • Take a small quantity of hand wash with you. Perfect for holiday emergencies, you can get OMO Hand Wash Powder in 250ml packs that fit nicely with your toiletries. Always refer to the manufacturer’s label if using a product for the first time and test a small patch of your clothing before applying to the whole garment.

With these washing and packing tips, getting your holiday ready has never been easy. Remember to try rolling clothes for packing instead of folding or throwing items into your suitcase and always wash your clothes with a good quality detergent before popping them in your holiday bag. Happy travelling!

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