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Real Ways To Get White Clothes Whiter

Keep your white clothes looking whiter for longer. Read now.


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Maintaining the whiteness of clothing can be tricky. We would all love to have our whites looking as white and bright as the day we bought them, for as long as possible. Even though it is normal for whites to fade sightly, there are a few tricks to use to prevent them from fading, dulling, or yellowing completely. Follow these easy tips on how to make white clothes whiter and you’re sure to be very happy with the results.

How To Make White Clothes Whiter?

At Cleanipedia we often get asked how to make your whites whiter? Sadly, there is no magical ointment or pill that will keep whites, white (yet anyway) but there are a few tricks you can try at home to restore dull or yellowed whites back to their original whiteness, or keep bright whites from fading.

Keep Colours And Whites Separate

The first step in knowing how to get white laundry whiter, is to always separate your colours from your whites. Washing coloured clothing with white clothing will immediately fade your whites and could even ruin them completely. Always wash white clothes with only other white fabrics.

Treat Stains First

Pre-treating any stains on your white clothing first before washing them is key. Baking soda works brilliantly for sweat stains, club soda works for red wine stains and vodka is great for green grass and ink stains. If you’re not sure about these suggestions, the best, all-round stain remover to use before washing whites is a good, old lemon!

Pre-Soak For Best Results

Once you’ve let your stain remover penetrate the fabric for a few minutes, it’s recommended to pre-soak your whites. Mix a pre-soak concoction of 1 tbsp of fine salt, juice 3 lemons and ¼ cup of a good washing detergent like Skip. Mix these ingredients together in a bucket of warm water and allow your heavily stained whites to soak for 30 minutes.

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Bleach And Peroxide Can Be Your Friend

Don’t be afraid of using bleach or hydrogen peroxide to get your whites whiter. If you really want to know how to make clothes whiter, follow the care instructions on your bleach or hydrogen peroxide bottles on how to add it to water for the best clothes bleaching results.

Air Dry In The Sun

Air drying naturally in direct sunlight is using Mother Nature’s natural bleaching tools. When white clothing is hung out in direct sunlight, it automatically brightens up.

What To Use To Make White Clothes Whiter?

Consider using a laundry detergent that is formulated to keep whites whiter for longer. We recommend Skip for washing your white clothes every time.

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