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Remove Germs from Clothes with OMO + Hygiene

OMO has always been known to bring you powerful cleaning powders and products that have been loved for generations because they get the job done properly. Now they’re taking it one step further with the germ-killing power of OMO + Hygiene!


Remove Germs from Clothes with Omo Hygiene

In this article we look at the OMO + Hygiene range of antibacterial laundry detergents that have taken the market by storm. We want to know what it offers and if it really gets rid of the germs from everyday clothes and linen.

Which Hand Washing Powder Removes Germs on Clothes?

When it comes to getting rid of germs that may be lurking on your clothing and other linens in your home and getting the best stain removal power too, why not try OMO + Hygiene antibacterial washing powder for hand washing.

At Cleanipedia, we’ve tried and tested this new product and we can honestly say that it delivers on what’s promised in terms of tough stain removal plus washing away germs for a hygienic clean with every wash.

But how exactly does this disinfecting laundry detergent work? OMO + Hygiene hand washing powder contains added ingredients that help to kill germs and bacteria that might be lurking in fabric fibres. Think of your toddler’s messy play clothes or your teenager’s outdoor attire - there are bound to be a range of germs on those clothes, brought in from their hours of fun.

OMO + Hygiene works by allowing its tough stain-removal ingredients to penetrate the fibres of the clothing to release and remove the toughest dirt. The added cleaning ingredients in OMO + Hygiene help to kill germs and bacteria on contact too.

Benefits of OMO + Hygiene

Tough Stain Removal

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OMO’s consumer promise is that when you use any of their hand washing powders, you will get that same powerful, tried and tested unbeatable stain cleaning power you love. All OMO hand washing products are formulated with ingredients and cleaning agents that are tough on dirt.

Washes Away Germs

OMO + Hygiene hand washing powder takes the power of OMO to another, more hygienic, level. OMO + Hygiene includes added cleaning agents that hygienically clean clothing while removing stains at the same time. This means that germs, bacteria, and viruses are washed away during the washing process while the clothes are being cleaned too.

Hygienically Cleans

When you wash your family’s clothes with OMO + Hygiene, you’ll be giving the items a hygienically clean wash every time. Ingredients in OMO + Hygiene washes away germs with every wash, while never compromising on stain removal at the same time.

OMO + Hygiene for Automatic Washing Machines Too

Did you know there is OMO + Hygiene for washing machines too. Get all the amazing benefits we have described above when you use this laundry detergent that kills bacteria, for everyday washing machine use too.

Find out more about OMO + Hygiene Auto Washing Powder now, and get the power of OMO that has been specifically formulated for automatic machine use today.

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How does laundry soap kill germs?

OMO + Hygiene contains specific ingredients that are formulated to kill germs and other bacteria on contact. Sometimes germs from mud, grass and other locations can lurk on clothing. OMO + Hygiene makes sure that with every hand wash, you are getting tough stain removal and a hygienic clean at the same time.

What washing powder kills germs on clothes?

If you’re looking for a washing powder that kills germs on clothes the best, choose OMO + Hygiene today.

How does OMO + Hygiene work to remove germs from clothes?

OMO + Hygiene contains added cleaning agents that penetrate the fabric fibres to release and remove the toughest dirt. These ingredients also removes germs and bacteria on contact, ensuring a hygienic clean with every wash.

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