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Reviving Your Whites With Whitening Technology

Read our blog to find out more about Surf’s whitening technology and how Surf’s range of laundry detergents are formulated to restore your white clothing.


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Reviving Your Whites With Whitening Technology

When your whites turn lacklustre and even come out of the wash looking rather grey, don’t let your mood turn grey too. Invest in quality laundry detergents that are formulated to brighten up your whites. There are also a few laundry tips to follow that can prevent your white clothes from fading fast.

We’ll also give you our top laundry tips for white clothes to practice at home.

Why Do White Clothes for Yellow or Grey in the Wash?

Yellow stains on white clothes after washing, or your favourite bright white clothes turning a paler shade of grey after washing is an irritation that many of us face. But, why exactly does this happen?

The experts believe that most of the time, whites lose their brightness due to improper washing methods or low-quality washing products. Here’s more:

  • When you wash white clothes with other colours, it can lead to your whites fading quicker, and also there is a higher risk of the colours bleeding into and staining your white clothing.

  • When you don’t use a laundry detergent that is specifically formulated for brightening up whites, then the detergent could be a factor in fading your whites too.

How to Keep White Clothes White?

When it comes to keeping your whites as white as possible (for as long as possible), the best way to do that is to invest in a quality product like Surf. Surf’s range of laundry powders (for handwash only) is formulated with whitening technology.

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What is Whitening Technology?

Surf has perfected its washing powders with whitening technology which targets dull or yellowed garments and turns them back to their original whiteness. The whitening granules in the powder penetrate into the fabric fibre and remove the yellowness caused by repeated washing and wearing. Surf recommends soaking your stained clothes and pre-treat your garments in a bucket so that you can easily remove the stains when washing.

Laundry Tips for Washing Whites at Home.

  • Always wash white clothes with other white fabrics. Never mix whites and colours or darks together.

  • For stains or deeply yellowed white clothes, consider pre-treating the stain or the garment first. In order to remove colour from white clothes like stains, mud, blood, dye, or even make-up, visit the Cleanipedia Clothing Care page now for a variety of great blogs to help.

  • Use a good quality washing detergent that is formulated with whitening technology like the Surf range of hand powders.

  • Always use cold water or lukewarm water to clean your clothing.

Use the power of the sun to dry your clothing. The UV rays of the sun also help to brighten up your white clothing too.

With Surf Powders, not only will your whites be whiter, but the average lifespan of your clothes will be extended when they’re treated with whitening technology- so it’s a win-win situation all around.

For more laundry tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

Frequently Asked Questions on Laundry Whitening Technology

How To Keep White Clothes White?

Invest in a great quality laundry detergent like Surf, which is formulated with whitening technology which can restore your whites back to brightness.

What Is Whitening Technology?

Thanks to the whitening granules in Surf powders which penetrate the fabric fibres and actually remove the yellowness from the whites as well as other stains, the whitening technology in the product actually works wonders.

How To Remove Old Yellow Stains From White Clothes?

For whites with yellow stains on them, consider pre-treating your garments first. Then wash by hand as normal with Surf powder.

Can I Revive My White Clothes Without Ruining Them?

Indeed! Switch to Surf Washing Powders and allow up to seven washes for the whitening technology to work. You will see a difference in your whites without any damage after seven washes.

Does Wine Come Out Of White Clothes?

It can if you treat it properly. Visit Cleanipedia today for all the laundry care tips and tricks to removing stains and other topics now.

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