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Simple Guidelines for Washing Duvets

Simple Guidelines for Washing Duvets


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Simple Guidelines for Washing Duvets

What is better than getting into a bed that is soft, clean and smells wonderful? OMO cares about the hygiene of your bedding so that you have nothing to worry about while you sleep. We have compiled some simple guidelines for you to ensure that you always have a good night’s rest.

The first thing to do is to check the label. This will tell you whether you have to drop it at the dry cleaners or whether you can accept the challenge of washing it yourself. Some duvets can be washed in a machine but once it is wet, the additional weight can sometimes damage your washing machine. A handy trick is to start as early in the day as possible to maximise your drying time when choosing a hand wash.

Hand Wash

Avoid using harsh chemicals on your duvet, as this can damage the fabric fibres and down. Use OMO Gentle on Hands Wash to help keep your duvet’s fibres intact. 1. Fill your bath tub or a large plastic tub halfway with water and add your detergent. Activate the detergent by sloshing your hands in the water and then submerge your duvet fully.

2. Make sure your feet are clean and climb in. Imagine you are crushing grapes for wine and walk up and down across the duvet. You can also opt to bend over the tub and scrub. Be sure not to scrub too harshly or you may damage the down.

3. Leave the duvet in the bath and drain the water. Add a fresh batch of water and rinse the duvet repeatedly. This is a long process as you have to ensure there is no soap residue left in the down.

4. Once you have rinsed properly, squeeze out the excess water by rolling the duvet as tightly as possible without wringing. Do this repeatedly, unrolling it fast to avoid wrinkling the fabric.

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5. Hang the duvet outside in the sun and go back every half hour to shake it out and redistribute the down. Ensure the duvet is completely dry and has no clumping as this can cause mildew to grow.

Machine Wash

After checking the washing instructions on the label fold the duvet in half lengthwise and turn it into the washing machine. Depending on the label, you may opt to wash your duvet on a slow, cold cycle and then hang out in the sun until completely dry.

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