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Smelly shoes remedy: learn the best hacks to get smells out of shoes

Dealing with the age-old problem of smelly shoes? Worry no more. Our guide will help eradicate it!


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Having smelly shoes is both embarrassing as well as unsanitary, and foot odour can quickly make any situation uncomfortable. If you want to tackle this stinky situation, you’ll need to learn how to get rid of smelly shoes. With our step-by-step guide on how to stop smelly feet and shoes, you can get rid of this problem once and for all.

Make your own odour-eradicators by placing a powerful detergent like OMO powder inside fabric bags and leaving them in your shoes for a short while.

How to get rid of shoe odour**: a step-by-step guide**

Got a stinky old pair of trainers or shoes? Here’s our easy to follow guide:

  1. Use the washing machine. If your shoes can be put in the washing machine, this is a great way to eradicate odour quickly and efficiently. Place the shoes in a mesh bag beforehand and use a gentle spin and cooler temperature. Wash with a laundry detergent like OMO.

  2. Or wash by hand. If your shoes can’t go in the washer, give them a thorough clean by hand with OMO Hand Wash Powder. Don’t forget to check for any potential causes of bad smells, such as dirt on the sole of the shoe!

  3. Add a nice scent. To infuse a sweeter smell into your shoes, pour a powdered laundry detergent like Skip into two small fabric pouches and seal. Place the pouches in each of your shoes. The laundry smell will soon get into the shoe and eradicate any nasty odours.

Natural home remedies for smelly shoes

Sometimes the best smelly shoes remedy is the oldest. Smelly shoes have been a problem for a long time! Here’s how to get smells out of shoes the old-fashioned way:

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  • Baking soda is a great natural way to eradicate smells from shoes. Simply pop some in sealed bags and place them in your shoes overnight.

  • Sunlight is another great, and simple, natural stinky shoes remedy. Think of it as nature’s disinfectant. Leaving shoes out in the sun will ensure good ventilation and the heat will often dry out any bacterial growth.

  • Lemons aren’t just good for household cleaning, they can also banish bad smells. Take the peel and leave it in your shoes. This quick trick will give a lovely citrusy scent to your favourite pair of sneakers.

How to prevent smelly shoes from returning

Now that you know how to remove odour from shoes you definitely don’t want it to come back. Here’s how to stop shoes from smelling ever again:

  1. Always store shoes in well-ventilated spaces.

  2. If they get wet, dry them immediately.

  3. Check regularly for dirt stuck to the sole.

It’s easy to make sure you never have to worry about smelly shoes again. Follow our odour-prevention tips and advice for getting rid of smells if they do occur and put your best foot forward.

  • Place laundry powder or baking soda in small fabric bags and leave in the shoes.

  • Hand wash or use a gentle washing machine cycle to remove dirt and bad smells.

  • Store your shoes in cool, dry places to prevent the build-up of odour.

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