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Stain Removal Power of OMO Washing Capsules

In our busy lifestyles, doing a load of washing can be cumbersome and time-consuming. You may ask another family member to do it for you, but what if they use too much or too little powder? The beauty of OMO Washing Capsules is that anyone can very easily put the clothes in the machine and simply add a capsule. Allowing the correct amount of detergent to be used.


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Stain Removal Power of OMO Washing Capsules

OMO Washing Capsules are designed with a stain removal system that can take on the toughest stains. Our capsules are also pre-measured so you know just how much detergent to use for each load of laundry. Thanks to their powerful stain-removal abilities, these capsules can take care of even the most stubborn stains. Read our guide to learn more about these washing machine capsules and what they can offer you.

Stain Removal Power of OMO Washing Capsules

If you are looking for an expert stain removal product, OMO Washing Capsules are the perfect choice for you. They work exceptionally well on the quick-wash cycle saving money on electricity and water. They are recommended by all leading automatic washing machine manufacturers and they have a fantastic fragrance. The bonus is that they also contain a semi-conditioner which softens your laundry while it cleans. Who could ask for more?

What is OMO Washing Capsules?

OMO’s washing detergent capsules contain a concentrated gel detergent that has been pre-measured to give you the exact amount of detergent for a load of washing, making life for bus individuals so much easier. With capsules, it’s as easy as dropping one into your machine with your washing and letting it get to work. That’s it!

How Do OMO Washing Capsules Work to Remove the Toughest Stains?

The convenient OMO Washing Capsules contain a powerful stain-removal gel that gets to work immediately. When any kind of liquid or food stains your clothing, it gets absorbed by the fibres of the fabric. The sooner you treat the stain, the better results you will achieve. Here are some tips to using the OMO Washing Capsules for best results;

  • There is no need to tear open the capsule, it’s designed to dissolve in hot or cold water.

  • Always make sure your hands are dry as moisture will start to dissolve the capsules.

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Washing Capsules vs Washing Powder

Is there a difference between washing capsules vs powder? We often get asked by consumers, which OMO product is best? Every consumer is different and will therefore have a different preference as to what kind of laundry detergent they like.

Here is our view on the difference between the two products. You can decide which will work best for you and your family;

Washing Capsules

  • Handy pre-measured amount of detergent in a capsule for one load of washing

  • Maximum results with minimal effort

  • Easy to transport

  • No need to spend time digging for the scoop in the washing powder container

  • No waste as its pre-measured

  • The packaging is recyclable making it a better choice for the environment

Washing Powder

  • Washing powder is excellent for larger loads of washing and bigger active families

  • Budget friendly for these tough times we are living in

How to Use Washing Capsules to Unleash the Stain Removal Power?

Next time you find yourself having to deal with an unsightly stain simply follow these easy steps;

  • Open the door of your front loader or top loader machine and place the capsule at the back of the drum

  • Add your load of laundry into the drum

  • Close the lid

  • Choose the correct cycle and temperature to wash on and let the capsule get to work.

  • Once the machine is done, hang your clothing to dry on the washing line in warm sunlight.

After the recommended wash cycle is complete, your clothes will be clean, fresh and stain free. You never have to worry about kids’-stained clothes, or dirty collars, OMO Washing Capsules have got your back.


Can you use OMO Washing Capsules in a washing machine?

Yes. The machine washing capsules are specifically designed for use in your washing machine.

Is OMO washing capsules the equivalent of washing powder?

Yes, they are and even more effective with stubborn stain removal

How many washing capsules should I use per load?

They are pre-measured so one capsule will provide just the right amount of detergent for lightly soiled loads. Two can be used for heavily soiled laundry

Do washing capsules stick to clothes after washing?

No, they shouldn’t unless you overload your machine with laundry

Should you use washing capsules in hot or cold water?

OMO Washing Capsules dissolve completely in hot or cold water

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