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Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid Uses & Benefits

Well-known throughout South Africa as one of the best brands in the business, Sunlight brings consumers an Auto & Handwash Liquids that combines the best that Sunlight has to offer. Not only does this auto liquid range clean clothes thoroughly, it also leaves them smelling sensational too.


Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid Benefits

We take a closer look at Sunlight Auto Liquid, looking at its benefits, how to use it for best results, and why you should consider changing your handwash liquid or machine-washing powder to Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid today.

Benefits of Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid

Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid is the perfect solution for a household with children, pets and lots of busy days. It’s a detergent that’s tough on dirt but gentle on clothes. Sunlight Auto Washing Liquid offers a wide range of benefits, aimed at helping busy parents spend less time on laundry and more time with their families.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of switching to Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid.

Dual Purpose Usage

Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid is one of the few liquid detergents on the market that can be used for both machine washing and hand washing. You only need to add one capful of the Sunlight hand washing liquid to a bucket of water for great results when handwashing, or add a capful to your detergent dispenser in your washing machine. Either way, you’ll get great results.

Leaves Clothes Gently Scented

The Auto & Handwash Liquid range, most especially the Baby Laundry Liquid, helps to get rid of bad smells on clothing whilst being washed. After washing, the liquid leaves a gentle scent on the clothing that can be smelt for hours afterwards.

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Cleans and Soften Clothing

The Auto & Handwash range of products is formulated to clean clothing thoroughly, leaving them feeling soft and fluffy after they have been washed and dried. Always make sure you fold and store your clothing well, so maintain their softness and fresh smell too.

It Is Affordably Priced

Sunlight has always created products that are affordably priced so that most South Africans can afford to use it. Sunlight wants consumers to be able to use their great products without breaking the bank, while still ensuring their laundry looks and smells great every time.

Baby Laundry Liquid is Hypo-allergenic

The Sunlight Baby Auto & Handwash Liquid has been formulated to be suitable to use on baby clothing, delicates, and for those who have sensitive skin. This liquid contains no enzymes or dyes, making it perfectly safe to use on sensitive baby clothing and blankets.

How to use Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid

Using Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid products has never been easier. Thanks to the gentle formulation, all you have to do is add the liquid to your washing machine or your hand washing bucket and let the liquid do the rest. Here’s how:

For machine washing

  • Place your soiled clothing in the washing machine drum and close it.

  • Use 1 capful (75ml) of Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid into the detergent dispenser in either a front loader or top loader machine.

  • For heavily soiled loads, you can use 1.5 caps instead.

  • Wash the clothing on the correct cycle and temperature for the fabric types.

  • Tumble dry or dry directly in the sun, as needed.

For hand washing

  • Fill a 5L bucket with clean, warm water.

  • Add I capful (75ml) of Sunlight Auto & Handwash Liquid into the water and mix to dissolve.

  • Put your laundry in small batches, allowing the clothing to soak in the water for 10 – 15 minutes before washing them by hand.

  • Wring out gently, and allow it to dry outside in direct sunlight.

Trust Sunlight for a pure and gentle clean, whether you’re using the Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid, the Sunlight laundry bars, or even the Auto & Handwash Liquid range. Pick up a bottle of Sunlight Auto and Handwash Liquid from your local retailer today – you’ll be glad you did.

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