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Sticky situation? Use this clever trick to remove super glue from clothes

Removing super glue from clothes is surprisingly simple once you know how it’s done! Read on to discover easy ways to remove super glue.


Bottle of super glue beside model plane and superrglue stain on teal fabric

As far as handy inventions go, super glue is one of the best. Whether you’re trying to fix your favourite ornament or attempting some nail-free DIY, chances are you’ve turned to this super-strong adhesive at one point or another.

Unfortunately, the same properties that make super glue such a useful tool around the house can also land you in some sticky situations – such as glue stains on clothes, carpets, and furnishings.

Luckily, removing super glue isn’t as difficult as you’d imagine. Read on to find out how.

Remember, different fabrics require different treatment to successfully remove super glue. Always read the instructions on the wash care label, follow the directions on your detergent, and consult a specialist if you’re concerned.

Ways to remove super glue

Stuck with a super glue situation? Don’t panic! Removing super glue from clothes is not an impossible or even particularly arduous task. The key to removing super glue from clothing and fabrics is to use a good quality laundry product. Pre-treat the stain with a liquid detergent, like OMO, before putting garments into the wash on a regular cycle. You might need to repeat this process a couple of times.

How to remove super glue from clothes**: Seven simple steps**

When removing super glue from clothes, follow these steps for a quick solution:

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  1. Be patient – don’t panic!

    Whilst most types of stains are best treated immediately, you’ve a far better chance of removing super glue successfully if you let it dry out. If you start dabbing at a stain before it’s had a chance to harden, then you could just cause it to spread.

  2. Soak the garment

    Soften the stain by leaving the garment in some cold water, then removing it from soak and allowing it to dry.

  3. Scrape off glue with a spoon

    Once you are sure the glue is dry, and it’s softened up a bit, it should hopefully be possible to gently scrape away some of the stain with a spoon. Only do this if you’re dealing with cottons or synthetic fabrics as you could cause damage on more delicate fabrics such as silk and wool.

  4. Use nail polish remover to tackle leftover stains

    Many nail polish removers contain acetone, which is great at breaking down super glue. Apply a little to a cotton wool pad and gently dab at the stain. You will find that the remnants of glue start to come off slowly. Warning: acetone can discolour some fabrics so always do a patch test on an inside seam of the garment first. If the fabric looks like it won’t withstand the acetone, take it to a dry cleaner instead.

  5. Wash as usual

    Launder the garment according to the instructions on the care label. Remember to use a high-quality laundry detergent – we like OMO!

  6. Rinse and repeat

    Check to see if the stain has completely gone after drying, and put it back through the wash if you can still see a mark.

There you have it: everything you need to know about removing super glue from clothes. Just remember to be extra careful with delicate fabrics, and always consult a professional if you have any questions or concerns. Better safe than sorry, after all!

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