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Top Hacks To Do Laundry On A Budget

Fresh clothes are essential for looking and feeling good, but why spend more money than you have to on doing laundry?


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We’ve all heard the saying ‘when you look good, you feed good’, and it all begins with fresh clothes. Taking care of your clothes is right up there with smelling good and being well groomed, and we have some tips on how you can do this without breaking the bank. A big part of being economically savvy is planning ahead, so make sure you have your laundry plan ready ahead of wash day to avoid wasting time or money.

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Here are our tips to quickly master the laundry department, and do this the economical way:

Save On Your Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent plays the most important role in saving you money when you do your laundry. Depending on what you are tackling in your laundry, it’s important to choose a detergent that focuses on that problem. If your laundry is usually riddled with tough stains, then choosing a detergent such as OMO Auto Washing Powder.

To save on fabric conditioner you could use OMO Auto + Comfort or Sunlight Auto Washing Powder 2in1 to make sure clothes aren’t just clean, but also have a fabric conditioning benefit that you can trust. Make sure you follow the dosing instructions carefully, so you aren’t using more than you have to. Find our guide to dosing detergent correctly.

Sort Your Laundry Before Washing It

You need to sort your dark colours from your light colours to make sure none of your clothes items dye each other. Instead of letting it all pile up together, sort clothing into two piles as you wear it. This proactive planning makes sure you’re saving time and aren’t repeat washing items that have ‘magically’ changed colour during the laundry cycle. Washing lights and darks separate also makes sure your clothes stay vibrant. An added benefit is that you will no longer have to lie about those white socks having ‘always been grey’ ever again. You see, we do have your back!

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Make Every Load Count

Always wash a full load at a time, to extract maximum value from the laundry cycle. Although washing a few items here and there might be appealing in the moment, it makes more economical sense to do your laundry once you have a full load in order to save on detergent, water and electricity

Wash On An Eco-Setting To Save Water And Money

Choosing the eco setting in your machine doesn’t only save you time because the wash cycle is shorter, but it also saves you water and electricity. Use the eco setting for your laundry to ensure you are not wasting your hard earned money, and are also being good to the environment.

Choose The Right Temperature

Choosing to wash your laundry with cold water ensures that you save money on electricity. Use a laundry detergent like Sunlight Auto Washing Powder 2in1 which can be used at low temperatures. This detergent also leaves your clothes smelling fresh as it’s got the fabric conditioning power of Comfort. Double savings? Yes please.

Clean The Lint Filter In The Dryer

The best option to save costs on drying your laundry is always to air dry it. While this may take a little longer, it saves 100% of the cost on drying your clothes using a machine. If you’re pressed for time or really need to use a dryer, then make sure it’s lint free to get the most out of your cycle. The lint that fills up your dryer blocks the flow of air, meaning your machine needs to work harder to dry your clothes.

Once you have cleaned this filter, warm air can circulate more effectively. Emptying the lint in your washing machine also has the same effect, making sure your machine doesn’t work harder than it has to.

After Wash Etiquette

After laundry is done, many of us usually stuff it into the laundry basket and wait for ironing day right? Well not anymore! An additional tip to doing the laundry ‘economy style’ is making sure that you don’t waste energy ironing clothes when you can have them wrinkle free from the start. By putting wet shirts on hangers and letting them dry naturally, you don’t have to iron them again once they are dry! And with some clothing items, folding them neatly off the washing line means less creases to get through on ironing day

We know how hard you work to look your best, so we’ve made sure your staples are taken care of one laundry day at a time. Nobody wants to waste money, so learn to save where you can. With our tips, you’ll definitely be looking good and feeling good at a fraction of the cost.

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