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Top load vs front load washing machines: what's better for your home?

Not sure of the benefits of front load vs top load washing machines? Read on for our expert tips on these handy appliances.


Tips to clean your washing machine and other appliances properly

**Key steps:**

To decide whether a top load or front load washing machine is best for your home follow these key steps: 

  1. Consider the pros and cons of each model type carefully.

  2. Compare different models to your budget before buying a machine.

  3. Speak to friends and family for further advice and think about how the machine would fit in your home.

You’re on the hunt for the best washing machine on the market. You have established your budget so now for the big question: front loader or top loader? Both have their pros and cons so it can be difficult to know which is best for you. Here we explain the key differences between top load vs front load washing machines and help you decide whether a top load or front load washing machine is right for you. 

Whichever type of washing machine you choose, be sure to use a good quality detergent like OMO to get your clothes sparkling clean.

Front load vs top load: What’s the difference between front load and top load washing machine?

Have you looked at washing machines, scratched your head and wondered about the difference between front load and top load types? You’re not alone. This can seem confusing but once you know the basics it’s much easier to decide which one is best for you and your family.

Here are a few important points: 

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  • Top loaders have the door at the top, so clothes go down into the machine.

  • Front loaders have the door at the front. This means you open the door towards yourself and push cloths in horizontally. 

  • Top loaders are older than front loaders; front loaders only started to be sold around 20 years ago.

  • Front loaders tend to be more expensive but the gap in price between them is gradually lowering. 

  • The different types of washing machines work in slightly different ways. Top loaders use what’s called a central agitator which has rubber fins to turn the clothes around. 

  • Because of their design, front loaders don’t need the same level of help and instead use gravity to help turn clothes.. 

Which washing machine is better: top load or front load?

So, we’ve covered the differences between top load and front load washing machines but that doesn't help you decide which is better. There a lot of factors that come into this but essentially it comes down to which model does the job better for you.

Do top load washers clean better or front loaders? Are front loaders easier to use than top loaders? There are no single answers to these questions as there are so many different models on the market. To make your decision, you should compare specific models to each other and consider the different benefits each type of machine can offer. These are listed below to help you.

Pros of top loaders:

  • Tend to be cheaper and involve less cost upfront.

  • Spin speeds are generally quicker so your wash cycle may be shorter.

  • Top loaders allow you to add things to the wash at the last minute (this is not as common a feature on front loaders).

Pros of front loaders:

  • Tend to be gentler for delicate clothes as they don't use central agitators (found in top loaders) which sometimes catch on fabrics and loosen threads.

  • Usually have a larger capacity so you can do laundry less often. 

  • Front loaders tend to be more efficient which can make them cheaper in the long run.

And there you have it - the difference between front loader vs top loader washing machines! When choosing between these machines there is no definitive answer to which is best: it's all about considering the pros and cons and deciding which is best for you.  

And once you have chosen the washing machine of your dreams, be sure to check out our article on how to get the best results for your laundry to use it properly.

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