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Your ultimate guide to tough stain removal

Discover some of the best ways to remove tough stains like wine and coffee from soft furnishings, and how to remove tough stains from clothes.


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Wine on your favourite shirt? Blood on a pair of jeans from a little one’s scraped knee?  When it comes to removing tough stains, it’s not always as hard as you might think. Follow this simple guide from Cleanipedia and those stubborn stains will soon be a thing of the past.

With the right approach you can remove tough stains from clothes and everyday household items with relative ease. Whether they’re on soft furnishings or clothes, there are plenty of ways to tackle tough stains, including using products like OMO Washing Powder. Just make sure you read the label and, as with any cleaning method you’re using for the first time, start by testing on a small, inconspicuous area.

Getting rid of tough stains on your carpet

Carpets are a common source of stains – especially from food and drink – but did you know that some sources of stains can actually remove others?

Take beer for example. While you wouldn’t want this sort of stain on your carpet, it can actually tackle other tough stains like coffee. Pour a little over the coffee stain, let it soak it up, and pat gently to dry.

Other handy tips to remove stubborn stains on carpets include using a simple paste of water and baking soda to remove wine stains or creating a paste with a little laundry detergent powder and cold water to help tackle really ground-in marks.

Removing tough stains from your favourite sofa

Grubby little fingers, enthusiastic pets and full drinks glasses – all these things are threats to your pristine sofa. Just because these tough stains have made their way onto your beloved furniture, doesn’t mean you can’t get them off though.

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The first step to removing tough stains like these is to use a clean sponge to blot the area. Next, try using white vinegar to help break down the stain and/or steaming if that doesn’t quite do it. You can always try using your laundry detergent too – apply a little liquid detergent directly to the stain and work in gently or apply a paste made with washing powder and water. Don’t forget to dab with a clean, wet cloth afterwards to prevent detergent stains or residue from being left behind.

How to remove tough stains from clothes

Stains on your clothes aren’t always as tough to get out as you might think. Combining soap with water or lemon with salt are both good options but for tough stain removal of substances such as blood, grease and grass, a detergent like OMO Washing Powder may be your best bet.

All you have to do is pour the liquid from the Stain Eraser Ball over the mark, rub it in with the dimpled ball and pop the garment in the wash. Make sure you check the care label on your clothes for washing guidance, and always read the product packaging before use.

No matter how daunting it might seem, removing tough stains is often something you can do yourself. Whether you want to remove tough stains from clothes, carpets or soft furnishings, try these methods to get the job done.

Use cool water to stop tough stains drying out. Check washing information on garment labels. Choose your preferred method for stain removal. Test on an inconspicuous area first. Read the directions before using cleaning products to remove tough stains from clothes.

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* Use cool water to stop tough stains drying out

  • Check washing information on garment labels

  • Choose your preferred method to remove tough stains

  • Test on an inconspicuous area first

  • Read the directions before using cleaning products to remove tough stains from clothes

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